VI. The College of Organizations, Churches, and Nonprofits

Classes, Books, Videos, etc. offered in this College:

VI-A. Does your church or non-profit organization need capital campaign help FAST and CHEAPER than what is on the market? Dr. Tommy Wood has empowered more than $500 million dollars. . . Click HERE to learn more!

VI-B. Management and Ministry--Continuing Your Educational Pursuit: See. . . 

VI-C. 1. Development: Building Relationships With Funders, 
          2. Writing a Grant Proposal 

Utilize Artful Askers Workshop DVD Series, VHS Series, Live Workshop, and/or other materials. The 2007 DVD series is READY! In this DVD series of an actual workshop recorded in late Spring of 2007, you will learn that money is never THE problem and money is never THE solution. You must be ready to receive, record your vision, identify and steward all relationships around you, engage, follow-through/follow-up and learn to leverage your resources and relationships to build community. These steps are starting points–the MOST important thing you must do is learn to work together with others!

You will also learn quickly that you don’t know what you don’t know. BUT, by the end of the 4 sessions, you will KNOW it and will be empowered to engage! If you have an interest in gaining funds or other resources for a new or existing church or nonprofit, this workshop makes the process doable to you! Now! We offer a basin and towel to servants, nonprofit leaders, Pastors, BoardMembers, and ministry leaders. Our mission is to empower you to meet community needs—yourself by learning the process of accessing money and//or other resources. To order a DVD Series, Click HERE. 

The DVD Series includes four sessions:
       Session One: Paradigm Shift and Knowing What You Don’t Know
       Session Two: Who are “They?” Knowing and Getting Ready to Receive
       Session Three: Writing and Sharing Your Vision Document
       Session Four: Researching and Engaging Through Approval OR Rejection
Please note: For greatest impact, please view in order and in their entirety. Then, invite your Board, your staff, your key volunteers, and other nonprofit leaders to watch it and start collaborative efforts in your community!
If you order this product, you will receive the following:
   –the four-part DVD series.
   –the research CD with more than 1,000 leads.
   –the blessing CD with the templates and many samples.
   –the “Free packet” and all the handouts from the actual workshop.

Watch the DVD, get yourself ready, and ENGAGE! Engage in relationships through approval AND rejection and much, much, more! And remember, once you attend an Artful Askers Workshop or purchase/watch the DVD--we don't charge anything to help and coach you–the more you help yourself, the more we help you! We believe what we teach: Money is not the problem--money is not the solution. Money is only one of the means that is utilized. The DVD is an actual "workshop" with cameras rolling--it is as though you are actually sitting at a "live" workshop using the same workbook and everything only you don't have to wait until we come to your area! Watch it yourself--then, ask a Board Member, staff member, or a volunteer to watch it and work together. Afterwards, share it with another nonprofit leader to utilize. To order a DVD Series, Click HERE. 

VI-D. Board of Director Training and Development Referral!
here. . .

VI-E. Building Alliances: Cooperating and Collaborating
Click HERE.

VI-F. Insert
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VI-G. Incorporating as a 501 (c)(3)
Aretha Olivarez has been helping nonprofits and churches access their 501 (c)(3) for more than ten years and has a 100% approval rate! Learn more by Clicking HERE.

VI-H. Starting a church or community ministry to meet the following needs:
    Single Parent Ministry
    Child Care
    Fixing Cars-Fixing Lives
    Housing Ministry
    Single Parent Ministry

Implementation Manuals already exist with step-by-step guidelines written in a manual AND on a VHS video tape. These manuals will save you thousands of doallrs in consulting fees and will allow you to immediately begin these outreaches in your community. Learn more by Clicking HERE.

VI-I. Internship: _____

 VI-J. Researching Funding entities and/or connections:
There are several ways and places for this:
   1. Flannel-Board exercise can help you and your Board what the connections and relationships are: For a copy of the exercise, 
Click HERE
   2. Artful Askers will jump start your research for $49.
Click HERE.
   3. Visit The Foundation Center's website:
   4. Contact Bob for Research CDs that are available at (660) 747-6390.

VI-K. Where to Find Faith-Based and Community Initiative Fund-Related Resources? Click HERE.


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ALL courses are designed to implement the R.E.L.A.T.I.O.N.S.H.I.P. acronym into each situation. To learn the imperative ingredients that must be present and growing in ANY meaningful relationship,  Click HERE.