Proposal #2


On Cornerstone Resource Center letterhead


January 28, 2005


Mr. Robert J. Vickers, Executive Director
The Vickers Family Foundation
P.O. Box 1225
Warrensburg, MO 64093

Dear Mr. Vickers:

Greetings in The Name of our Precious Savior–Jesus!

[Then, the introduction paragraph is purely to connect. . . Either 1) first- or second-generational connections/relationships, 2) geographic connections, and/or 3) field of interest connections AND/OR relationships.]



People want and need help today! In fact, Dr. Billy Graham says the least evangelized group of lost people in the world are sitting in the pews of the American church every single Sunday. George Barna and Focus on the Family research confirms that the church in America is in trouble. Rev. H. B. London of Focus on the Family says that North America is the only continent in the world where Christianity is not growing. In fact, more than 72 churches per week close in the United States. Not one single county in the United States has a higher percentage of "churched people" today than it did ten years ago!

Henry Blackaby voiced his concern for the church during a 1999 conference at the Billy Graham Training Center by stating, "In the midst of the growing darkness, God calls His church to be light, yet there is virtually no statistical difference in good nor bad behavior between the Christians and non-Christians."

One major problem is accurately and adequately resourcing the servants who want and need the help. . . Of the 165 million people who are working age in America, studies reveal that only 44% of the population ever attend any kind of church. There are more than 24 million businesses in the U.S. employing more than 134 million of the working age people. The target audience is huge. People want and need the practical help. And it is painfully obvious that if we, as Christians, desire to see significant eternal fruit in this country, we must focus more on empowering and equipping the Church AND business people with resources for the marketplace.

Have you ever been the victim of an unscrupulous business transaction? Or have you ever been in a place in your business that seemed hopeless, with nowhere to turn? God's Word has the solutions to the many business and integrity problems plaguing our society, but most of us struggle with exactly where to find specific answers. That is why we were created.

Cornerstone Resource Center provides the business community a centralized place to go for:
• Immediate Godly counseling and assistance over the phone.
• Biblically-based business and integrity resources.
• Radio programs promoting integrity and Biblical counsel.
• Seminars such as "Business by the Book," "Dealing With Difficult People Without Losing Faith," and "Accessing Money Using a Biblical Process."

Last month alone, we fielded more than 270 calls from ministry leaders and businesspeople seeking immediate answers to challenging questions. In the past twelve months, we have fielded more than 4,000. We provide these leaders with hope, prayer, and Biblically-based counsel. Some had reached a point of frustration and needed someone to pray with about a business issue. Others had called us at a critical point of desperation. One such person is a business owner named Andrew. Andrew's wife had just moved out, because she was tired of the financial burden Andrew's business challenges had placed on their family. Andrew explained that debt had mounted as he tried to please his wife and his own ego until the business could no longer support both the debt and the family's lifestyle. Andrew felt helpless as he tried to balance his lack of cash, and his desire to maintain his integrity. Thoughts of suicide haunted him. That's when he called us for help.

We were able to talk to him, pray with him, and give Andrew the hope he needed. After discussing and assessing his financial condition, we provided Andrew with practical Biblical counsel that would help him in his journey to become debt free, and steer him back to running his business God's way. As I prayed with Andrew, he wept as he experienced the first sign of hope in a long time. In the turbulent times of this last year calls like Andrew's have doubled.

We long to help more people like Andrew, but we need your help to do so.

The Cornerstone Resource Center exists to promote, practice, and teach God’s commands and Biblical principles to business leaders which will lead them to be more effective witnesses in the marketplace. As we talk with people all over the country, two consistent themes emerge quite strongly. The first is that people want Biblical counsel and insight to be people of integrity. The second theme is that they don’t know where to turn or how to get help. Christian businessmen and ministry leaders want tangible, practical Biblical help.

That is why The Cornerstone Resource Center is so effective. It is a first step. We believe that if given the opportunity and encouragement people would take bolder initiatives in reaching out to the people around them for help living and running their businesses with integrity. I am very encouraged at what is going on through Cornerstone Resource Center and are in the midst of an incredible movement of God! We have been a part of multi-organizational work throughout the country and have seen God move in unbelievable ways.

We are currently in need of reaching the next level–and we are excited about the possibility of partnering together with people who share our vision to get where we want to be. We need help. We need you to help us equip and empower the servants with appropriate resources, counseling, and support.

You can help make our plan a reality. I am respectfully submitting the enclosed proposal for you to consider funding. We would greatly appreciate your financial support of our work. If you need additional information or if I can answer any questions, please feel free to call me at 1-888-111-2222. The harvest is ripe and the laborers are busy reaping and asking for help. Now is the time to invest appropriate resources into resourcing the servants in America and beyond: "Jerusalem first, then, Judea, then Samaria, then the outermost parts." People need help. The Cornerstone Resource Center needs help to help them.

Thank you very much for your consideration.

Respectfully Submitted,


Allison Glenne Vickers, Founder and President
The Cornerstone Resource Center



Cornerstone Resource Center
Summary Page

Mission and Vision Statements:
The Cornerstone Resource Center exists to promote, practice, and teach God’s commands and Biblical principles to business leaders. Our vision is to be a central connection for ministries and businesses throughout the world who are seeking Biblical counsel and resources. In order to be effective at accomplishing our mission we have the following objectives:
• Become the most comprehensive Biblically-based business resource center in the world.
• Empower and equip business leaders to more effectively use their God given marketplace platform for evangelism and discipleship of their employees, suppliers, and customers.
• Provide Biblically-based counsel to business leaders, especially to the ones struggling financially.
• Research, develop, and distribute information and resources emphasizing integrity in business.
• Develop a national database of Christian professionals, businesses, and business ministries to be available to assist the business leaders calling for help.

Target Market and Geographic Area Served:
Cornerstone Resource Center serves business and ministry leaders worldwide. Although our primary focus is North America, we already serve a significant number of people in South Africa, South America, and elsewhere. We target men and women in the marketplace with a special emphasis on entrepreneurs and the business and integrity issues they face on a daily basis. There are more than 24 million businesses in the U.S. employing more than 134 million people. The target audience is huge.

Organizational Information:
Although Cornerstone Management has been providing this ministry and service since 1995, Cornerstone Resource Center incorporated as a nonprofit organization founded in The State of Missouri in 1996. We are governed by a Board of Directors of seven (See Page 8).

Primary Contact:
Ms. Allison Glenne Vickers, Founder and President 1-888-111-2222, voice
Cornerstone Resource Center (660) 747-6390, cell
P.O. Box 1225 Email: 
Warrensburg, MO 64093 Website:

Financial Request and Purpose:
Our immediate needs are start-up costs affiliated with infrastructure, radio, and internet communications with clients and people who need to know that we are here to provide Biblically-based assistance. Consequently, we are asking you for a grant of $25,000 (See Budget on Page 7).

TOTAL AMOUNT REQUESTED: $ 25,000 (or any portion thereof)

Evaluation and Accountability:
The progress and effectiveness of Cornerstone Resource Center will be determined by ongoing analysis and oversight of staff, advisors, ministry leaders in the field, and our Board of Directors. Because we are committed to integrity, we are willing to complete any reasonable evaluative measure that you request.

All aspects of our ministry are ongoing and in process. However, we will expand ministry as provision is received. Our primary barrier to expansion is financial. Our need is urgent.


Cornerstone Resource Center

The Statement of Need:
According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics there are more than 134 million people in the workplace. Since studies reveal that only 44% of the population ever attends any kind of church, it becomes obvious that if we as Christians desire to see significant eternal fruit in this country, we need to focus more resources on the marketplace. Even Dr. Henry Blackaby recently said that in keeping with his philosophy of joining where he saw God moving, he is spending much of his future time in marketplace ministry. Christians who have family problems and who need a Biblical solution have learned they can call Focus on the Family and get resources and/or help for about any family issue they may encounter. If you are looking for a Biblical solution to your money problems CROWN Financial Ministry can help. But if you are a business leader and desire a Biblical solution to a problem, you will be hard pressed to find anyone to call. There is an incredible move of God beginning in the marketplace, but before the workplace will ever be an effective place for evangelism and discipleship it will take concentrated equipping of business leaders. These leaders include business owners, managers, pastors, and church and para-church leaders.

Many have a passion to evangelize and disciple others in their workplace, but they have legal and ethical concerns. They don’t know what is appropriate. Many of them still haven’t integrated their own faith into their business life, leaving a trail of destruction in their path. They need Biblical solutions to their practical business problems, as well as resources and equipping to reach the lost within their place of business.

St. Francis of Assisi taught, "Preach often, and only if necessary, use words." Business leaders need a place to call for answers. They usually need immediate needs met first. Just as Jesus modeled, we first have to deal with their struggles with debt or bankruptcy, or maybe an issue of integrity that needs Biblical wisdom. Then when they connect to the fact that God’s word does have the solution, even for their business problems, many catch fire for instilling this newfound source of wisdom into the lives of their employees. When you realize that 1 out of 6 people in the workplace are at the helm of a business, not counting pastors, it becomes clear the far-reaching influence for Christ this target market can have for the Kingdom.

Every day we receive calls from business leaders, church deacons, pastors, and others searching for answers to their business dilemmas. From these calls it is obvious that the church is not equipped to meet this need. In many cases the church is the problem. We receive many calls from church staff asking what they should do about their pastor’s unethical behavior. Integrity needs to be injected back into the church and the business community, but will take resources, instruction, and encouragement.

The Solution:
Cornerstone Resource Center is the solution. Since 1995, under the umbrella of Cornerstone Management, we have begun to fill this void by providing CROWN Financial Ministry’s constituents, and our clients, with Biblically-based counsel for their business problems. We have viewed these activities as giving from the "gleanings of our field" until the economic climate changed in November of 2000. Since that time the volume of calls and free assistance needed by the business community has risen so substantially that we needed to realize this as a full time ministry. The needs in the business community are huge, but leaders do not know where to turn for help.

There are many good Biblically-based business resources already available on evangelism, discipleship, and business issues, but they are not pulled together in one place easy for business leaders to obtain. We do not desire to expend energy on recreating material already available. Instead we will accumulate access to the best materials and maintain a list of necessary resources, which are missing. We will then engage in developing these needed resources. We will continue to provide free phone counseling for issues of integrity and business problems, by equipping and training others to field these calls in a Biblical manner as our exposure rises and the volume of calls increases. Through this growing network of business contacts we will also promote our seminars. As a field rep for CROWN Financial Ministry, we teach Larry Burkett’s "Business by the Book." Other seminars will be added to instill integrity into the workplace, and to equip churches, para church, and businesses with necessary skills for evangelism and discipleship in the workplace. As businesses catch the vision and desire to go deeper in a relationship with Jesus in and through their business, we do focused and limited consulting to businesses using a Biblically-based planning model we developed to guide the process. This discipleship has proven successful in encouraging and equipping these business owners to reach the lost and disciple new believers which God has entrusted to them.

The long term vision of these efforts is to someday see conferences, that result in over 100,000 business owners coming forward to sign a covenant with God, committing to run their business according to God’s stated commands and principles. We believe that God’s hand is steering Cornerstone Resource Center to serve the business community to see a tremendous harvest of righteousness for the Kingdom. We provide the business community a centralized place to go for:
• Immediate Godly counseling and assistance over the phone.
• Biblically-based business and integrity resources.
• Radio programs promoting integrity and Biblical counsel.
• Audio teachings, study materials, and small group studies on building business God’s way.

Our Plan to Complete the Objectives:
The activities, in priority order, necessary to accomplish the above objectives include:
1. Research current resources and survey the needs of the business community, and develop resources needed to fill the gaps, including seminars, books, tapes, internet solutions, and a database of Christian professionals, businesses, and business ministries. This should require 10 to 15% of our resources.
2. Conduct seminars and teach Biblical approaches to business through seminars as deemed appropriate. This should require 15 to 20% of our resources.
3. Produce and air national daily radio vignettes, radio talk show programs, broadcast e-mails and other media methods. This should initially require 20 to 25% of our time and financial resources.
4. Develop, train, and implement a national phone-counseling program fielding calls from businesses needing assistance. This should consume 15 to 20% of our ongoing resources.
5. Fundraising activities including donor relations, direct mail campaigns, grant writing, etc is anticipated to require 10 to 15% of our resources.
6. Administrative duties to maintain compliance with government regulations, managing accounting, personnel, etc. will consume 10 to 15% of our time and money.
7. A longer-term activity is to partner with other ministries to develop "Covenant Conferences" for business owners to be encouraged and equipped and ultimately to commit to operate their businesses God’s way. Although in the early stages the time committed to this may be slight it could become 20 to 30% of business activity when in full swing.

Current Ministry Partners for 2002:
CROWN Ministry, Youth Excited 4 Sports (YES), National Fatherhood Group, Fellowship of Businesses for Christ Christian Businesses of America, American Mission Board

The History of Cornerstone Resource Center:
Cornerstone Resource Center was incorporated as a non-profit organization in the State of Missouri in 1994. In October, 1996 we were granted 501 (c)(3) status with the Internal Revenue Service.

Cornerstone Resource Center was an outgrowth of a for profit business called Cornerstone Management, Inc., founded in 1990. After serving business’ needs on a daily basis through free phone counseling, teaching seminars, writing, and radio programs it became evident in 1996 that what had been done as the "gleanings of our field" could no longer continue under the for-profit business.


Cornerstone Resource Center
Program, Product, and Promotion Development

Phone counseling:
We field requests for counsel from business leaders via their phone contact. We currently handle more than 200 incoming and outgoing phone calls each month. This takes trained and dedicated staff equipped with Biblical solutions to the typical business issues. The volume of calls will rise dramatically as we begin to roll out our daily radio program.

Radio programs: In 2004 we began a daily radio vignette program called "Cornerstone Moments." This 90-second spot gives practical business applications to the listener of Biblical principles. It will also serve as a point of contact for the business community to learn of Cornerstone Resource Center as a new resource available to them. After we have some success penetrating the Christian radio market we also intend to air these vignettes on secular stations that target business audiences. We will also develop a call-in radio program to allow business leaders to discuss and ask their questions over the air.

Web site: In order to be an effective marketer of resources it is imperative that we have an interactive website with the ability to provide valuable information, the ability to purchase important resources, and the ability for people to invest on-line in our work. This will require front end assistance for the development of an e-commerce site and ongoing maintenance to assure the material is fresh and current.

Speaking engagements: In addition to teaching specific seminars it is imperative that we promote our message on a regular basis to the church and the business community. We will look for opportunities to speak to the public about God’s commands and Biblical principles and how they can be used to instill integrity into the marketplace.

There are many excellent materials produced by other organizations that meet Cornerstone Resource Center’s criteria for use.
Our role would be to research the many materials that already exist and choose those pieces that fit our criteria through appropriate outlet channels.

Creating New Product: Where there are no existing materials to meet a need, we will develop appropriate materials.

We will seek to deepen existing partnerships and develop new ones with organizations that can help accomplish our mission. Some existing relationships are CROWN Ministry, Character Matters, The Fathering Initiative, Fellowship of Writers, and Christian Businessmen Group.

Public Relations: Integrated with our partners, we will execute a media campaign to promote the resources that we offer. Radio, TV, print, conferences, and the Internet will each be used in effective promotion so that a wide audience will be exposed to what Cornerstone Resource Center offers. We are currently working with KRJV and The WayFM Radio Network from Nashville, Tennessee to execute the Radio campaign.

Direct Mail: Cornerstone Resource Center currently has a database of over 4,000 contacts that have called for our assistance. We will seek to meet the needs and grow this list with targeted mailings (i.e. churches, para-churches, and faith-based ministries) and with contacts gathered by our other promotional efforts. 

Cornerstone Resource Center
2004 and 2005

(in thousands)

                                                                        2004                  2005

I. Staff Salaries, Wages, and Benefits            153.0                  235.0
Salaries, FICA, Insurance

II. Product Development                                  50.0                    85.0
Newsletter 8 Page 2 Color
Books, Resources, Mailings
Radio Program
Resource Expenses
III. Promotion                                                  50.0                     70.0
Direct Mail
Website Development
Booth Display
Radio/Magazine/TV/Print Campaign
IV. Operations                                                 79.6                   100.0
Office Space, Utilities
Travel, Meals
Office Supplies, Postage
Phone, Phone Bank
(order entry, deposits, checks, credit cards,
preparing invoices, reconciling accounts
Bank Fees, Fulfillment
TOTAL:                                                       $ 332.6                $ 490.0

Note: Fiscal year equals calendar year - January 1 to December 31.

It would be a great privilege to co-labor with you as we engage to train this important part of the Kingdom-Building community. We are very open to any evaluation, input, or ideas you are willing to give, and would be very excited to work toward an ongoing partnership.

You can help us greatly by leveraging your resources with our experience, labor force, and long term commitment. Together we can reach, teach, and send the servants of the servants with appropriate resources in order to provide a greater effectiveness in presenting the hope and truth of the gospel. We greatly appreciate your consideration of our request and consider it a great encouragement to present it to you.