Proposal #4


On Organization Letterhead

October 9, 2004


Mr. Bob Vickers, Executive Director
The Robert J. Vickers Foundation
P.O. Box 1225
Warrensburg, MO 64093

Dear Mr. Vickers:

Greetings! [Add detail specific to funder]. We sincerely appreciate the generosity of [funder] toward our community over the years. Alternative Choice Pregnancy Center has been operating in the south Quad Metro area for more than 30 years. We were created to provide free pregnancy support services to young women in crisis pregnancy situations. Since 1991, we have helped over 5,000 women and their parents and partners.

Nationally, forty_nine percent of all pregnancies are unplanned. Women experiencing unplanned pregnancies are often overwhelmed and confused. Many do not know where to turn for answers. Alternative Choice Pregnancy Center exists to help these women. Our pregnancy support counselors provide accurate, comprehensive information regarding pregnancy options, and remain available to assist clients throughout the pregnancy and following delivery. We help women to care for themselves and their babies during pregnancy, and to make a plan for the future.

Alternative Choice also has a proactive plan to help our community. An unplanned pregnancy can be an overwhelming experience for any woman. Now imagine that the expecting mother is only 15 years old. Teen pregnancy is a critical problem in our society and in our community. In order to reduce the number of teen pregnancies in our county, Alternative Choice Pregnancy Center has created a terrific, interactive abstinence education program called "I’m Worth Waiting For!" Last year, we presented this well received message to over 5,000 health students in Johnson County high schools. We are planning to deliver the abstinence program to middle school students beginning this fall.

Alternative Choice’s client outreach increased by 25% last year. In order to meet the increasing demand for our valuable services, we need to expand our current programming. We are respectfully submitting the attached proposal for you to consider funding. Please review the enclosed proposal and join with us to help women in crisis pregnancy situations.

Thank you for your time and consideration of our proposal. If you need additional information, please feel free to call me at (660) 747-6390. 

Respectfully submitted,


Connie Burford-Vickers, Executive Director
Alternative Choice Crisis Pregnancy Center



Alternative Choice Pregnancy Center
Summary Page

Mission Statement:
Alternative Choice Pregnancy Center provides compassionate alternatives that promote spiritual restoration to women and men facing the issues of unplanned pregnancy, sexual purity and post abortion grief, in a manner which brings glory to God. The dynamics of our mission are:
• to share complete and accurate information about pregnancy options with women in crisis.
• to provide compassionate and practical support to new and expecting mothers.
• to provide referrals for medical care, legal counsel, housing and adoption services.
• to reduce teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted infection through abstinence education.

Project Statement:
We are requesting that you partner with us to fund general operating expenses. In particular, with your support we will be able to increase our office hours and advertising outreach, offer limited ultrasound services, and expand our teen pregnancy prevention program.

Target Market and Geographic Area Served:
More than 100,000 women between the ages of 13 and 50 living in Johnson County communities. Women living outside of this area are also welcome to receive free services. Over 30,000 students in public middle schools and high schools in Johnson County.

Organizational Type:
Alternative Choice Pregnancy Center is a 501(c)(3) non_profit corporation organized in the State of Missouri in 1990. Alternative Choice is governed by a local Board of Directors with seven members. (Please see Page 6). Our IRS Department of Treasury 501(c)(3) Letter of Determination is enclosed.

Primary Contact Information:
Connie Burford-Vickers, Executive Director (660) 747-6390
Alternative Choice Pregnancy Center E-mail:
P.O. Box 1225 Website:
Warrensburg, MO 64093

Financial Request and Purpose:
The operating budget for Alternative Choice Pregnancy Center in 2004 is $218,305 (see Page 4). In order to meet increasing demand for our services, we need to raise an additional $75,000 for program expansion and ongoing expenses. We are asking you to help us with a grant of $5,000, or any portion thereof, to establish a strong foundation as we reach out to help women in crisis pregnancy situations.


Evaluation and Accountability:
Te progress and effectiveness of Alternative Choice Pregnancy Center will be determined by ongoing analysis and oversight of staff and the Board of Directors. However, because we are committed to integrity, we are willing to complete any reasonable evaluative measures that you request.

Previous Program Accomplishments:
There have been over 600 babies born to women who have received Alternative Choice’s services during their crisis pregnancy situations. In 2003, Alternative Choice’s total client outreach increased by 25%, and great things happened:
• We aided 337 new pregnancy clients and administered 302 pregnancy tests;
• 46 babies were born to new pregnancy clients; Our Hotline received 700 calls;
• Our abstinence education program was presented to 5,000 high school students.

Our Timing:
Our programs are ongoing and in full_progress at this time. The only barrier to additional implementation and expansion is financial.


Alternative Choice Pregnancy Center

Statement of the Problem:
Young women faced with unplanned pregnancies often feel hopeless and overwhelmed. They do not know where to turn for help and answers. Women in crisis need to discuss their personal situation with a caring helper who can guide them through the critical issues before them. There is a desperate need for free pregnancy tests and support services. Many women are unaware of early fetal development and need accurate information concerning their pregnancy options. Pregnancy education is helpful to them in making their choice.

Women choosing to carry their babies to term need additional guidance regarding prenatal care. The mother’s health during pregnancy is critical to the baby’s development and health. These women must also make a choice between parenting and placing the baby with an adoptive family. Either way, they need continued support, education and appropriate referrals to help them through a challenging, emotional time.

Solution and Project Description:
Alternative Choice Pregnancy Center seeks to provide free and comprehensive support service from the time a woman suspects she may be pregnant and for as many years in the future as she needs services. Women need a confidential, non_judgmental and caring place to call when they are faced with an unplanned pregnancy.

Since 1991, Alternative Choice has provided free support help to over 5,000 women plus their parents and their partners. Services have been provided to women from 13 to 46 years of age. The Center provides a support counselor free of charge to meet with each woman throughout her pregnancy. Women work through many issues, are provided pregnancy_planning curriculum and develop a strong friendship with their peer counselor. In addition, women are provided referrals for medical care, legal counsel, housing and adoption referrals. The Center provides continued support to women who choose to parent their babies. A single moms group meets bi_weekly and offers moms an opportunity to gather together for discussion, parenting instruction, and emotional support. Moms receive a free meal and free childcare is available.

Alternative Choice is also taking a proactive approach to reducing teen pregnancy in our community. We have created a terrific, interactive abstinence education program called, "I’m Worth Waiting For!" Each year this well_received program is presented to over 5,000 health students in Johnson County high schools.

Alternative Choice’s client outreach increased 25% last year, and demand for our services continues to increase. We have developed a strategic plan that will enable us to continue to meet the needs of women in crisis and to expand our teen pregnancy prevention education program.

Our Strategic Plan – Methods and Procedures:
We plan on developing and expanding services to the growing number of women in crisis over the next seven to ten years, as funds become available.
1. Ultrasound Services: The educational use of providing limited ultrasounds is a widely requested and hlpful service to women in crisis pregnancy situations. We will hire a nurse manager to develop the program so it will be ready in early 2005. The nurse will follow strict guidelines to set up and manage the ultrasound program.
2. Abstinence Education Programs: We offer a free abstinence education program to middle schools in the 2004-005 academic year. We have developed this program to assist with pregnancy prevention and to lower sexually transmitted disease rates in the middle school student population. Presently, Alternative Choice’s "I’m Worth Waiting For!" abstinence program reaches more than 5,000 high school students each year. It is increasingly clear that it is critical to reach youth at a younger age.
3. Development and Training: Volunteers are trained to be abstinence speakers at the middle school level. Additional senior high school level speakers will also be trained and managed for that program.
4. Training Leaders: Staff, volunteer counselors and telephone hotline teams will receive training and ongoing in-ervices to keep the Center’s pregnancy support programs efficient and effective.