Proposal #7


On organization letterhead. . .


November 14, 2004


Mr. Bob Vickers, President
The Vickers Foundation
P.O. Box 1225
Warrensburg, MO 64093

Dear Mr. Vickers:

"The true measure of society is in how it cares for those who cannot care for themselves.
Those in the dawn of life–the children. Those in the twilight of life–the elderly.
And those in the shadows of life–the poor, the sick, the needy, and the handicapped." Hubert H. Humphrey

We live in a world of plenty. Yet even in the most prosperous society in the world, many people–who are struggling to care for themselves–are falling through the cracks of provision:
• There is plenty of food, yet people are going hungry.
• People are sick, yet there are warehouses of medicines and hospitals that are empty.
• There are many heaters and blankets in warehouses, yet people are dying of cold and exposure.
• There are thousands of houses that are uninhabited, yet millions of people are still homeless.

All of this takes place while hundreds of millions of dollars of food is wasted each year. Why is this major disconnect taking place?

Barnabas Partners has been facilitating issues like this for more than 15 years between ministry and business. Having watched this situation, we believe that the disconnect is because few organizations are bridging the gap between the plentiful resources that exist (donors) AND those organizations–that are serving people–who need it (doers). Although there are many non-profits that do excellent work, because of the lack of resources and fundraising capabilities, they are not able to compete and buy goods to be redistributed.

Hope for Widows and Orphans was created to meet this need and to serve as a resource distribution and compassionate arm of Barnabas Partners. We fill the need for service providers who cannot afford to buy needed resources by providing goods at no cost to them. Hope for Widows and Orphans receives donated items from a variety of organizations and then distribute them to other nonprofit organizations to assist those in need–at no cost to the service provider OR recipient. We are a faith based organization that reaches out to show Jesus’ love in a tangible way. We take a seed and lift it up. What God does as a result is powerful and impacts many lives. There are many of our recipient organizations that utilize the resources as an evangelistic tool. As a result, there are many individuals that accept Jesus as Lord and others that are encouraged and blessed.

This year we will receive and distribute at least $ 5,000,000 in resources. Next year, we anticipate the value of the total amount of resources redistributed will be closer to $ 15,000,000. With an operating budget increase from approximately $100,000 to $311,000 in 2005, we believe we can leverage this amount to meet this increase of "in-kind contributions. Our overhead only consists of about 3%.

The majority of the gifts in kind that we receive and donate are items that the recipient organization normally buys i.e. food, personal hygiene etc. For example, Portland Teen Challenge feeds 250 people each day. As a result of these donations, they and other organizations can utilize money that would’ve gone to food, etc. and instead expand their existing ministries and services to assist more individuals. They are enabled to focus on their ministry and serving the needs of the people.

One of the foundational values of Hope for Widows and Orphans is to execute strategic and extravagant giving. We represent over 75 business leaders and 34 nonprofit organizations to help facilitate resources to be redistributed from those who have resources to those who have needs. Innate in business leaders is the desire to be able to give–many simply do not know how to give the resources they have. Therefore, we have provided the opportunity to collect the readily available excess resources within the community and make them accessible to those who have needs.

Hope for Widows and Orphans presents the opportunity for people with excess resources including but not limited to food, clothing, and tools, to be distributed to established reputable nonprofit organizations. We desire to serve the community by redistributing available excess resources to those who have the highest need in order to improve the prosperity of individuals and our own communities. Hope for Widows and Orphans has a unique opportunity because of its resources in Portland, which include: a discounted warehouse, employees who have partially raised their own support for the project, freezer space and vehicles to help facilitate the distribution. We schedule weekly pickups or pickups as needed from our donors. Because of these amenities, we are able to redistribute the goods at a no cost basis to the recipients. Hope for Widows and Orphans focuses on redistribution of goods: first, in Inner-City Portland, and second, the outer suburban areas and rural areas, third, our region in the Pacific Northwest, and finally to the United States and then to other countries around the world.

In addition, we also have a group of networked partners available, which include operations in Baltimore, Virginia Beach, as well as Los Angeles for distribution of goods overseas. We have experience in shipping overseas and will continue to provide that service should any of the resources need to be distributed overseas.

Again, this will be done through a no cost basis to all recipients and donors.

Another asset of Hope for Widows and Orphans is the relationships that are formed between business and ministry people. We provide opportunities for business people to utilize their excess goods that would otherwise be discarded and partner with non-profits. Many individuals become more aware of the needs in the community and are able to offer other contacts with potential resources as well as the opportunity to break down social and racial barriers to bring further unity. We assist in building bridges between business and nonprofit groups.

We are a clearinghouse for furniture, office equipment, clothing, etc. Millions of dollars in goods trade hands as a result of Hope for Widows and Orphans being a trusted organization. We focus on the recipient organizations and attempt to judge and pick only the best groups that are really making an effect in the community. As far as we know, there is not another group that offers to receive and then give out items at no cost to the recipient.

As a compassionate response to the September 11th attack on our country, We sent a semi load of food estimated at $150,00 to Ground Zero in partnership with several organizations. We also have outreaches. Through the generosity of Vickers Charities, we have great flexibility with our warehouse space. We are allowed to use extra space when needed at no cost for up to two weeks.

But we need your help. We have a large number of donors with materials waiting to be redistributed and we have ministries that serve people who need them. The problem is making the connection–which is why we exist. Please review the enclosed proposal and support this vitally needed work. We are respectfully submitting it for your consideration. Please accept my sincere "thanks" for your leadership in the area of caring for the needs in our community. I hope, after reviewing the enclosed material, you share my excitement about the potential of Hope for Widows and Orphans and its' unique opportunity to have a significant impact on the poor, the needy, their families, and our community. . .

Respectfully Submitted,


Lexie Fae Hodkins, Co-founder and President
Barnabas Partners and Hope for Widows and Orphans



Hope for Widows and Orphans
Summary Page

 Organizational Mission and Vision Statements:
Hope for Widows and Orphans and Barnabas Partners exists to advance The Kingdom on this earth. Hope for Widows and Orphans, the compassionate arm of Barnabas Partners, receives donated items from a variety of organizations and distributes them to various nonprofit organizations to assist those in need–at no cost to the service provider OR recipient. Barnabas Partners is an organization whose mission and vision is to strategically partner with business and ministry leaders to rebuild the Biblical walls of commerce for marketplace transformation locally, regionally, nationally, and globally. We accomplish this by:
• Meeting and praying together.
• Developing covenant relationships with God and each other.
• Equipping, empowering, and releasing business and professional leaders to be ambassadors for Christ and fulfill God’s call in the Marketplace.
• Facilitate and empower strategic and extravagant giving.
• Restoring justice and righteousness to the poor by providing our time, talent and resources to better their lives.
• Maintain a high level commitment to the local Church.

Our goal is to teach and mentor marketplace believers in :1) applying Biblical principles to the market place and 2) understanding how their business can become a ministry and change agent for Christ.

Target Market and Geographic Area Served:
We represent over 75 business leaders and 34 nonprofit organizations to help facilitate resources to be redistributed from those who have resources to those who have needs (See lists of "Doers and Donors" on Page 4). Innate in every business leader is the desire to give–many simply do not know how to give the resources they have. Therefore, we have provided the opportunity to collect the readily available excess resources within the community and make them accessible to those who have needs.

Organizational Description:
Hope for Widows and Orphans is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, organized in the State of Oregon in 1979 and governed by a national Board of Directors of seven (See Page 5). Also see attached IRS 501(c)(3) Determination Letter.

Primary Contact:
Ms. Lexi Fae Hodkins, Managing Director     (660) 747-6390, Voice
Hope for Widows and Orphans                     (660) 111-2222, Cell
408 Seventh Street Terrace                          e-mail:
Centerview, OR 64075                                 Web site:

Financial Request and Purpose:
With the budget increase from approximately $100,000 in 2001 to $311,000 in 2002, we can leverage contributions and increase our yearly distribution of resources to those in need from 5 million to as much as 15 million dollars in gifts in kind. Our overhead consists of about 3%. Your gift of $25000 to $50,000 would greatly assist us in reaching our goal of 15 million dollars next year. Consequently, we are requesting you for a grant of $ 25,000 (See Budget on Page 4). TOTAL REQUEST: $ 25,000

Evaluation and Accountability:
The progress and effectiveness of Hope for Widows and Orphans will be determined by ongoing analysis and oversight of staff, advisors, and Board of Directors. Because we are committed to integrity, we are willing to complete any reasonable evaluative measure that you request.


Hope for Widows and Orphans
Community Impact

Organizations that Hope for Widows and Orphans Distributes to:
• New Life Assembly of God
• Agape Development Centers
• Berean Church of Christ
• Multnomah Baptist Church
• Catholic Charities
• YES Ministries
• Church of New Beginnings
• Cornerstone Baptist Community Church
• Ebenezer Church of God in Christ
• Grace Christian Center
• Word of Life Food Pantry
• Hospitality House
• Inner City Church of Portland
• Marie Center, Inc.
• Challenge Inc.
• Oregon Assemblies of God
• Portland Teen Challenge
• First Assembly of God
• Mount Sinai Church
• New Hope Center
• Boys and Girls Outreach
• Parents Without Partners
• People Serving People
• Place of Refuge
• Portland Community Center Inc.
• Sharing and Caring Hearts and Hands
• City Center Church
• St. Paul AME Church
• Street Lights Without Borders
• The Cart Learning Center
• Victory Christian Center
• Trinity Baptist Church
• True Love Waits
• Urban Hope International

Hope for Widows and Orphans makes the following commitment to donors:
1. Under no circumstances will any of the goods/resources be exchanged for services or resold.
2. All of the materials that are distributed will go to established non-profits in the Twin Cities first, Minnesota second, the United States third, and then overseas.
3. Donors will receive receipts for any donations, and will be informed of where their goods have been distributed.
4. All goods distributed will be distributed at a no cost basis to the recipient organization who is required to then distribute goods in the same manner.
5. The goods are not distributed directly to individuals from Hope for Widows and Orphans. All distributions are through established non-profits experienced in providing services to those in need. The only exception is when Hope for Widows and Orphans coordinates a special outreach.
6. The majority of the recipients of the goods are organizations that offer not only a handout but a hand-up. It is not simply for the distribution of foods and resources, but also to be able to help individuals through education, housing, or another form enabling them to change circumstances that have caused their need.

Partial Resource Donor List to Hope for Widows and Orphans:
• YES • Children are Hungry • Corporate Gestures • Gates BBQ
• Food International • Lloyd’s of Portland • I.G.A. • Operation Blessing
• Living Waters • Yellow Trucking • Safeway, Inc. • Vickers Distributing

Organizational History: 




This work is ongoing and in full process at this time. The only barrier to expansion is financial.

Hope for Widows and Orphans
Annual Budget


2004 2005

Value of in-kind contributions re-distributed: $ 5,000,000 $ 15,000,000
Budget Amounts:
I. Staff Salaries, Wages, and Benefits              
 36,000       45,500
II. Office Space and Utilities                               14,000       18,500
III. Ministry Related Expenses                             11,300       14,385
IV. Equipment                                                       7,750       10,000
V. Travel                                                               5,000         7,500
VI. Miscellaneous Office Expenditures                  8,000       11,195
VII. Supplies and Material Development             12,500       16,325
VIII. Ministry-Automobile Purchase                      10,000               0
VIII. Other Miscellaneous:                                      5,000        7,325

TOTAL:                                                              $ 99,500   $ 311,000

Note: Fiscal year equals calendar year - January 1 to December 31.

You can offer us tremendous help as we implement this plan in 2004-2005. We are open to evaluation, input, or other ideas that you are willing to give, and would be very excited to work toward an ongoing and continued partnership. We are eager to discuss this proposal with you and stand ready to provide any additional information which will assist you in your decision-making. Thank you.