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January 13, 2004


Mr. Bob Vickers, President
The Robert J. Vickers Foundation
P.O. Box 1225
Warrensburg, MO 64093

Dear Mr. Vickers:

Greetings! The introduction paragraph is purely to connect. . . Either 1) first- or second-generational connections/relationships, 2) geographic connections, and/or 3) field of interest connections/relationships.



People want and need help today! In fact, George Barna and Focus on the Family research confirms that the church in America is in trouble. H. B. London of Focus on the Family reports that North America is the only continent in the world where Christianity is not growing. In fact, more than 72 churches per week close in the United States. Not one single county in the United States has a higher percentage of "churched people" today than it did ten years ago!

Henry Blackaby voiced his concern for the church during a conference at the Billy Graham training center by stating, "In the midst of the growing darkness, God calls His church to be light, yet there is virtually no statistical difference in good nor bad behavior between the Christians and non-Christians."

One major problem is evangelism. . . Are you the kind of person who can take a conversation about a stump and turn it into a spiritual event. George Barna states that only one in eight Christians have the gift of evangelism. Considering that there are 80 million unchurched people in the United States alone, that would mean that those people with the gift of evangelism would be equivalent to the 11th largest nation on earth. If we look worldwide the number of unchurched is more like 4.2 billions souls. In fact, Barna also states that the number one way that people receive Christ is through personal evangelism. Taking all of these facts together the conclusion is unmistakable. The Lord wants us to reach our neighbors, friends, and family for Christ. He has only gifted a few people with the spiritual gift of evangelism but with all the people that need to be reached, He wants us, the average Christian, to be effective in sharing our faith.

Barnabas Evangelistic Empowerment Group exists to provide resources that make it easier for people to share their faith effectively! We have seen the desire as we have help Christians share their faith with over 350,000 people through our Halloween campaigns. As we talked with people all over the country, two consistent themes emerged quite strongly. The first is that people want to share their faith. The second is that they are scared to do so. That is why the Halloween outreach is so effective. It is easy, it is inexpensive, anyone can do it. It is a first step. We believe that if given the opportunity and encouragement people would take bolder initiatives in reaching out to the people around them that are lost and spiritually dead.

We also saw many churches, para-church organizations, and media outlets get very excited about this outreach as well. We truly saw God’s Kingdom work together to make an impact on what has traditionally been the "devils" night. We seek to change that through the power of God. We want to see Halloween become the largest, annual one-night, evangelistic campaign in the world so God’s Kingdom can be expanded.

People want tangible help all year around. So we want to expand to a complete 365 day a year ministry. We see Barnabas Evangelistic Empowerment Group becoming a organization that continually "pumps" resources and encouragement into "grass roots" Christians so they can effectively share their faith all year around.

I am very encouraged at what is going on through Barnabas Evangelistic Empowerment Group, as well. We are in the midst of an incredible movement of God! We have been a part of multi-organizational work throughout the country and have seen God move in unbelievable ways–both through the corroboration and cooperation of organizations to be about His Kingdom’s work, AND the work through the people we serve.

We are currently in need of reaching the next level–and we are excited about the possibility of partnering together to get where we want to be. We need help. We need your help to help an entire nation of believers. You can help make our plan a reality. I am respectfully submitting the enclosed proposal for you to consider funding. We would greatly appreciate your financial support of our work. If you need additional information or if I can answer any questions, please feel free to call me at (660) 747-6390.

The harvest is ripe and the laborers are busy reaping and asking for help. Now is the time to invest appropriate resources into empowering evangelization. People need help. The Barnabas Evangelistic Empowerment Group needs help to help them.

Thank you very much for your consideration.

Respectfully submitted, 


Tisha Cole, Co-Founder and President
The Barnabas Evangelistic Empowerment Group



The Barnabas Evangelistic Empowerment Group, Inc.
Summary Page

Mission and Vision Statements:
Barnabas Evangelistic Empowerment Group exists to empower the average person to effectively share their faith. Our vision is to see broken lives transformed by the power of Christ through personal evangelism and those same people confidently pointing others to Christ using the events and crisis of their lives. We are a part of a coalition of organizations intentionally accelerating evangelization throughout the United States in contexts where the explosive growth of the Church demands it by providing resources empowering the average Christian to share their faith more effectively including:
• Provide Christians with event, issue, or crisis specific evangelistic (harvesting and sowing) resources that are excellent, relevant, effective, and biblical.
• Assist Christians in recognizing/creating opportunities to share Christ with the lost.
• Encourage and inform Christians, through stories of transformed lives and relevant issues, to be strong and courageous in sharing their faith.
• Engage the work of the Holy Spirit through prayer in outreach projects that we initiate.
• Connect people to the local church through national Barnabas Evangelistic Empowerment Groupoffice for effective follow-up.

Target Market and Geographic Area Served:
Barnabas Evangelistic Empowerment Group’s initial focus was Halloween. Although that is currently our largest and most successful focus, we have the vision to see Christians confidently and effectively sharing their faith all year around all around the world. There are many great evangelistic resources that already exist. Our heart is not to reinvent things that exists and are effective. We simple want to make them available from one source and accessible to all who desire to share their faith. Where there are no effective existing resources then we will seek to create them. For example, like we did for Halloween.

Organizational Information:
Barnabas Evangelistic Empowerment Group is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization organized in The State of Missouri in 1991 and is governed by a Board of Directors of six (See Page 6). See attached I. R. S. Department of Treasury Determination Letter.

Primary Contact:
Ms. Tisha Cole, Co-Founder and President (660) 747-6390, Voice
Barnabas Evangelistic Empowerment Group (660) 111-2222, Cell
P.O. Box 1225 E-mail:
Warrensburg, MO 64093 Website:

Financial Request and Purpose:
The needs of an expanding organization like ours are overwhelming. Our current and immediate needs are such that we are asking you for a grant of $ 25,000 (or any portion thereof) toward our general operating budget (See Organizational Budget on Page 6). TOTAL AMOUNT REQUESTED: $ 25,000

Evaluation and Accountability:
The progress and effectiveness of The Barnabas Evangelistic Empowerment Group will be determined by ongoing analysis and oversight of staff, advisors, pastors in the field, and Board of Directors. Because we are committed to integrity, we are willing to complete any reasonable evaluative measure that you request.

Future Funding:
Barnabas Evangelistic Empowerment Group will be funded by four sources: product donations (minimum suggested donation structure), private donations, church support, and foundation grants.


The Barnabas Evangelistic Empowerment Group, Inc.

The Statement of Need:
Many people have a heart to evangelize but not the "gift" of evangelism. There are some people that God has gifted in a such a way that they can turn almost any conversation with their unbelieving family and friends to spiritual matters. Unfortunately, but in God’s ultimate wisdom, this represents a very small percentage of the Christian population.

So where does that leave the rest of use as we struggle to live out the Great Commission? For many, it is feeling guilty, unworthy, shameful of our lack of sharing the beliefs that we know to be true with those around us that are facing a godless eternity. To ease this guilt, most of us have been to evangelism training seminars, taken unbelievers to crusades and seeker friendly churches, and handed out "The Four Spiritual Laws". All of these methods are fine, but there are still many people who will not go where we have invited them nor read what we have given them. George Barna states: "that there are more than 80 million nonchurched people in the United States alone. To put that number in context, the nonchurched population of the US would be equivalent to the 11th largest nation in the world."

We know in our hearts that we should be doing more. The truth is, we want to do more, but we lack the courage, resources, and knowledge to effectively reach the lost around us. We need tangible tools, creative ideas, and constant encouragement that help us skillfully defend our faith and demonstrate that the God of the Bible is our Savior and relevant to every situation of our human existence.

The Solution:
The Barnabas Evangelistic Empowerment Group, Inc. mission is making it easier for the average Christian to share their faith effectively. This is being accomplished by helping Christians create new opportunities to share Christ in the context of their daily lives: Encouraging them by sharing relevant information and the testimonies of Godly life-change, and providing believers with excellent evangelistic resources.

We will see The Barnabas Evangelistic Empowerment Group, Inc. grow into an organization that will touch millions of lives around the world as we equip believers to share the light of Christ with the dark and desperate world that lives all around us. It seems that many have the heart to evangelize but not the "gift" of evangelism. We step into the "gap" between this desire to share our faith and actually doing it by making it easier for the average Christian to share their faith effectively.

This will be accomplished by helping Christians create new opportunities to share Christ in the context of their daily lives, encouraging them through the telling of true stories of Godly life-change and other helpful information, and providing believers with excellent evangelistic resources (both sowing and harvesting focused resources.

Sharing Christ in old places in fresh ways, we will lead in creating new opportunities for believers to share their faith in the daily context of their lives. We see sharing Christ becoming a natural occurrence rather than something one does with fear and trembling. Paul writes "that we need to be ready in and out of season to present the hope that lies within us." 2 Timothy 4:2

We will encourage believers with "God-stories" and related materials through a newsletter and other means of communication. We see believers confident that there is no event, issue, or crisis that the God of the universe is not in complete control of and through which he wants to draw His children close to him. We have the hope of the world through Jesus Christ. Producing and promoting excellent, relevant, and Biblical evangelistic resources that a believer can use with confidence. Our primary "market" for our resources is the believer with a burden for lost people. Our real "target" audience however, is the person who does not know Christ and is facing an eternity of anguish and separation from God. Everything that we produce or promote has this audience in mind with the focus being on Christ and what his love and power can do to transform our broken lives. 

The History:
Millions of kids on Halloween Night receiving the truth and love of the Gospel was a vision that Pastor Gould had many times as he thought about the tremendous opportunity that is at our front doors every October 31st. All that a Christian had to do was "turn their porch light on" and kids would come to the door with their bags open ready to receive anything that was given. Pastor Gould joined Bob Vickers and together they launched Halloween Outreach, a national evangelistic ministry that provided contemporary outreach cards, encouraged people to pray for their neighbors, and connected those that responded to a local church. Over 150,000 homes were reached that first Halloween Night.

"It was so easy and it felt so good to be sharing Christ with my neighbors. I even prayed for them." This was a phrase that was heard over and over again. They realized that there was a tremendous need for excellent and relevant resources that the average Christian could use to confidently share their faith all year around not only at Halloween. Thus in response to this need, they co-founded the Barnabas Evangelistic Empowerment Group, Inc. It oversaw Halloween Outreach 2000 where over 200,000 homes were reached with the message of hope and love of Christ and is continuing today.

Current Ministry Partners for 2000:
American Family Radio        Mission Network News        Decision Radio
First Baptist Church                      Youth Specialties
Local/regional radio stations  Local churches                   Gospel News Network

Strategic Plan:
Program Development–Product Existing: There are many excellent materials produced by other organizations that meet Barnabas Evangelistic Empowerment Group’s criteria (Super Bowl Outreach, Christmas Outreach). Our role is to research the many materials that already exist and make one’s that fit our criteria available through our channels. Creating: Where there are no existing materials to meet a need, we will develop some as funding is available.

Program Development–Promotion Partnerships: Barnabas Evangelistic Empowerment Group will seek to deepen existing partnerships and develop new ones with organizations that can help accomplish our mission. Some existing relationships are Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Moody Bible Institute, and Decision Radio (Billy Graham) to name a few. We are currently pursuing many new partnerships.

Public Relations: Integrated with our partners, Barnabas Evangelistic Empowerment Group will execute a media campaign to promote the resources we offer. Radio, TV, print, conferences, and the Internet will each be used in effective promotion so that a wide audience will be exposed to our products. We are currently talking with the Vickers Marketing Group from Warrensburg, Missouri to execute the Fall media campaign.

Direct Mail: We have a database of over 38,100 contacts that either ordered materials or expressed interest. We will grow this with targeted mailings (i.e. Churches) and with contacts gathered by other efforts.

Contractors: Duties that the President has not been able to perform due to lack of time or skill, Barnabas Evangelistic Empowerment Group has contracted outside services. (i.e. accounting is handled by Non-Profit Financial). We will increase these relationships, as need dictates. Vendors: We have had the privilege of working with many excellent vendors to date. However, we will continue to seek vendors with excellence both in services rendered and business ethics (i.e. A public relations agency to plan and execute a national promotional campaign).

Operations: Accounting: Non-Profit Financial, Inc. is performing all accounting duties with exception of donation deposit/receipt and check writing. We expect this relationship to continue.

Order Entry: We are able to accept orders from the Internet, phone, mail, and fax. These systems will be updated and expanded to accommodate the anticipated growth. Fulfillment: Currently the fulfillment is being executed out of the President’s personal residence. We will pursue a vendor relationship to handle this function on a permanent basis as soon as financially feasible.