Tulsa, OK meeting: August 24th, 9:00 am to 12:00 noon--FREE!

Southside Chicago, Illinois--date TBD

Flint, Michigan--date TBD 


I am on a lifelong mission of teaching people to keep usable items OUT of the landfills and in the hands of churches and nonprofits to meet the needs of the poor and needy, elderly, disabled, neglected and under-served population groups in communities all over the country. I have spent my entire life teaching and empowering nonprofits and churches to glean, leverage, multiply talents, and engage good stewardship and MUCH more (including grant writing). I have helped set-up more than 1,000 501(c)(3)s, taught 34,000 Doers and coached 3,400 Donors in the overall processes of giving and receiving. The industry is changing—more than 92.7% of ALL GIVING is in-kind products of value now-a-days and money is not generally approved if you’re NOT gleaning, leveraging, cooperating and collaborating AND documenting!

Continually and ongoing, I am writing manuals, blogging (see www.ArtfulAskersTraining.com or my website www.ArtfulAskers.com), coaching, mentoring, and developing relationships with nonprofits, corporations, churches and MANY others to accomplish this mission.

I have also worked with Gifts in Kind International (now known as Good360) for more than 25 years. They are the largest in-kind donor group in the world! Good360 gives away between $250 million to $2 billion worth of new in-kind products every year as they manage the philanthropic giving for more than 250 corporations. The Good360 Mini Warehouse Community Redistribution Partner Program is a new program that distributes new products and goods through nonprofits like mine and yours. They are located in the Washington, DC area BUT the past year, they have adopted a new paradigm of working through nonprofits like yours and mine to access in-kind products of value (ALL NEW PRODUCTS). Here are a few samples of semi-trailer loads ready to go to approved, CRP mini warehouses (all this explained in the attached document):

Trailer Source Product, Load's FMV--Fair Market Value--A SAMPLE LIST. . .
    Bed Bath & Beyond, $173k of Mixed Misc.
    buybuy BABY, $58k
    Bed Bath & Beyond, $67k
    buybuy Baby, $15k
    Walmart, $118k of lawn and garden products, personal care products, home goods, toys, etc.
    Grainger, $100k-plus of plumbing, safety equip, occasionally tools, air conditioners, heaters
    Tempur-Pedic,,$150k-$300k of mattresses
    Home Depot, $50k-plus of home improvement supplies, tile, window blinds, lights, tools, rugs, etc.
    Walmart/Mixed Load, $100k-plus of diapers, paper goods, cleaning products, etc.
    Walmart/Selected Load, $100k-plus of over 7,000 items
    Opturo, $100k-plus of primarily Target goods often dog/cat food, shoes, clothing, toys, etc.
    Mixed Load, $100k-plus of you order/select from their website

Most Administration Fees that you pay for the Load of products are between $3,500 to $6,000 and that is it!  You are encouraged to work with other nonprofits or churches to share the Fees AND access. Even the new Walmart program where you pick up items weekly from local Walmart stores (only $600 to $750 annual cost to you per store) can provide up to 25 or 30 pallets of usable products over the next year worth more than $125,000 dollars or more! And, yes, most of the products cannot be purchased with Food Stamps at all by consumers! You make weekly pick-ups and get the product much slower BUT can still engage the process)! You are off to build the capacity of your community. . . You are allowed to charge Administrative Fees to nonprofits to cover the reasonable costs BUT you cannot sell the all new products—ONLY give them to local nonprofits who pay to join your Network who in turn will give to individuals in need! You may qualify to distribute them to individuals only if you work with Good360 to track everything and follow their policies. Obviously, there are other guidelines and compliance issues but nothing too difficult to follow.

The National Director of Good360 Nonprofit Partnerships will be with us at these meetings to discuss the opportunity for people like you and me and discuss how you can access these materials starting in weeks and build the capacity of your community and meet the needs of YOUR neighbors! It is a FREE informational meeting for Nonprofits or churches interested in serving to build the organized capacity of their community through strengthening nonprofits and churches to meet the needs of the poor and needy, low-income, under-served children, youth and disabled and MANY in need in your communities. I have written and attached a brief "white paper" explaining the information and I am including the meeting details in this e-mail with information in my pursuit of being approved through their program and hope it helps you understand better.

PLEASE join us for this important day--Just let me know you will be there!

In EACH city, we will meet 9:00 am to 12:00 noon!

The morning is FREE! But please let us know if you plan to come. And PLEASE invite others and/or bring people with you. Forward this e-mail to someone you think may be interested! The information is relevant for ANYONE throughout the country—although we will focus on Oklahoma at this particular meeting.

Our Special Guest will be
Melissa Evans, Director, Nonprofit Partnerships
675 N Washington St. Suite 330
Alexandria, VA 22314
(703) 299-7524 or cell (202) 841-3969


This is a perfect opportunity if you are doing community ministry and making high-value community impact! You are already empowering people to move from dependency to self-sufficiency. You are addressing social determinants of health and homelessness and meeting needs--THIS IS A PERFECT OPPORTUNITY FOR YOU to learn MORE about how you can greater community impact with product giving!!

If you can, let me know you are coming BUT there is plenty of room so plan to come and bring someone with you! I hope to see you there! I have worked with you in one way or another and hope to continue to do so. I am excited to continue community impact strategies and am now even doing some consulting and hands-on assistance! I believe in this opportunity so MUCH that I have gone to work part-time for this group—Good360 will be distributing more than $3 billion dollars’ worth of in-kind products n the next 16 months or so!  PLEASE join us for this awesome opportunity! It will be informational ONLY. No sales nor “strings attached!” Please come and join us with a few others!

And, thank you for serving!

Bless you!

P.S.S. I received an e-mail from Melissa and wanted to share it with you. . .

"Bob, Thank you again for reaching out to all your contacts.  I need some additional help from you.  We have a tight deadline for the last phase of Walmart retail partnerships for 2018 – all partners must be matched by August 5! We are not able to match any nonprofits from October 1, 2018 – January 31, 2019 due to the holidays. 

Good360 Walmart Retail Partner Program: Good360 helps companies resolve the business challenge of responsibly distributing excess goods for maximum impact and in doing so, we help our nonprofit partners deliver on their own important missions. We have teamed up with nearly 3,900 Walmart retail locations across the country to supply our nonprofit partners with donated, non-food items on a regular basis. 

 This is a big commitment!

  • Must take the entire market (anywhere from 7 - 11stores)
  • You will need a box trucker and a trusted, friendly driver.
  • Weekly scheduled pickups are required.
  • Each store has ½ pallet to 1 pallet worth of goods. No food.
  • You will be at each store for about 20 minutes.
  • A pallet jack will be helpful for loading and unloading goods.
  • Barcodes will need to be black labeled.
  • If you are a CRP, one of your nonprofit partners may be matched with a store.  However, as the CRP / Market Lead you will be responsible to make sure all weekly pickups happen (Learn more about all of this at www.Good360.org and search for Community Redistribution Program).

 Here is a map of the open Walmart stores in the Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri area.  If anyone is interested in being matched in 2018, please have them set up a time to talk with me.  Best place to reach me is by text or email.  Or schedule directly on my calendar at - https://calendly.com/melissa-111/30min.  Looking forward to meeting everyone. 

Thank you for your help Bob!