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Fund Development, Capital Campaign Help, and Various Funding Packages and Alternatives: Church Builders and Architects Who Charge Reasonable Fees. . .

Most of these charge less than what would be considered common, fair market value pricing. If you know another church or two or three that also need their services, contact them and work together and they will usually spread the cost as "cost-sharing" with others! For Single/Individual Interest OR Groups in Your Community.

• TMA Inc. International, Valdosta, Georgia:   www.tmaincintl.com  
TMA is a team of Christ-centered design professionals committed to excellence in architecture, planning and service from concept through occupancy for JESUS' sake. Hebrews 11:1 For a Free CD about TMA, call 1-800-932-6124  or  (229) 247-4164  OR  Email: info@tmaincintl.com

• Arks Incorporated, Raleigh, NC   www.arksincorporated.com 
Arks Incorporated has everything from designers to suppliers to builders to financing options. . . Write to ARKS, Inc. 6118 St. Giles Street, Ste 130 Raleigh, NC  27612 OR (919) 785-9737. Related websites and some of their sister companies are: www.ourfirstchurch.org  and  www.arks.org

• Del Palmer provides small group coaching to nonprofits and churches in a geographic common area of the country (common meeting place). The vehicle for accomplishing the empowerment of capacity-building is six different month's one-day seminars that provide inspiration, training, strategic planning with action-steps, and accountability. A$K Seminar details:
1. Four to eight ministries will send their Executive Director or Development Officer to attend a monthly one-day seminar from 9:00AM—3:00PM. 
2. Each ministry person will commit to attend all six (6) monthly seminars.
3. The attendees will be divided into groups of two for accountability and help.
4. This Regular Seminar Approach will provide the following components for success:
   • Inspiration. . . . . . . . . . . . A time of Biblical inspiration and group prayer.
   • Commitment. . . . . . . . . .  Each ministry will commit to attend all seminars.
   • On-Going Training. . . . .  Instruction each month in a different phase of development.
   • Cross-Pollination. . . . . . . Time of group interaction and sharing.
   • Practical Application. . . .  Personalization of instruction in a practical way to each organization.
   • Personal Consultation. . . A monthly personal conference call is scheduled with each participant.
   • Goal Setting. . . . . . . . . . . Establishing firm action-steps for next 30 days for each ministry.
   • Accountability. . . . . . . . .  Setting Trigger Points for accountability with accountability/prayer partner.

Contact Del Palmer for related information for the A$K Seminar program. This is ideal for Directors of Missions, groups of pastors, or communities that have numerous nonprofits that need money and other resources! Contact: 
     Del R. Palmer
     300 Third Avenue
     Melbourne Beach, FL  32951
     (321) 676-4069, EST  OR  (321) 213-3754, cell  OR send an e-mail to delrpalmer@bellsouth.net

• Greenfield Group in Atlanta, Georgia:   www.greenfieldgroup.us   Capital campaigns and limited financing options) OR call Dr. Tommy Wood directly at 678.409.9911 EST.

www.timothygroup.com   Capital campaign assistance, Board building, and more.

• Veryl Pember at Church Financial Development & Stewardship at www.cfdinc.net  Call 1-800-747-0532 CST or e-mail is cfd2000@iglide.net  They teach a spiritual maturation process which leads to capital increase in MANY ways.

• Charitable trusts, etc: George Brown at Summit Trust in Colmar, PA; www.summittrust.com  1-800-822-6711 215.822.2436 EST

 www.artfulaskers.com   Bob Vickers, Artful Askers. . . Building Biblical Community, Warrensburg, Missouri  (660) 747-6390  Teaches developing relationships with funders. Will help you to host a workshop in your city for faith- and community-based groups OR video is available at website. After attending a workshop OR watching the video–there is NO charge to help you! Workshop helps you to get ready to receive; evaluate relationships; develop a written document; research prospective funders; and teaches you to engage with funders! Empowers YOU to do this for YOURSELF AND coaches you to do the process! Works through you to empower YOU to do the process of building Biblical relationships with those in YOUR area; forming alliances, coaching, etc. The website is loaded with empowering products, materials, manuscripts, assistance, etc. Most items come with copyright release.

Artful Askers conducts one-day workshops on the process of building Biblical relationships with funders–then, empowers people in your community to build local alliances to strengthen, support, assist each other in your community by meeting monthly, sharpening each others proposals, helping each other, praying together, etc.


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