11. Eleven


Education and Continual Learning in Ministry:

www.oxnetedu.org:   The only "Hebrew-Based Graduate School" in U.S. has Masters/Doctoral Programs (from your own home).

www.hebrew4christians.com:   Learn more about Hebrew-based lifestyle (also read Thomas Cahill's book, "The Gifts of the Jews").

www.heartconnexion.org:   Experience the GRACE of God in bucketloads and engage LIFE with meaning!

www.operationintercession.org:   Facilitating specific prayers daily by name and by need for America's youth and more!

www.gsmm.org  Graduate School of Ministry Management

Relationship University can be found at www.artfulaskers.com


Visible School (teaches how to remain a committed Christian musician in the non-christian world of christian music. www.visibleschool.org


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