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The "Single Parent Ministry Training" seminar is a one-day training offered in partnership with Crown Financial Ministries. It is hosted by a local church and is for ministry leaders. For information, see Single Parent Ministry Training under Services at www.mercytree.org site or visit Crown's Web site at http://www.crown.org/FinancialWisdom/church/single_parent/default.asp. To host or attend a seminar, call Brenda Armstrong at Mercy Tree Ministries at (770) 831-9418. For details on hosting a seminar in your area, please call.

The Single Parent Ministry Training Manual is now available for purchase, without attending a live seminar. Cost is $45 plus shipping/handling. This comprehensive tool is the resource that has been used to train over 1,000 leaders in 250 churches in live seminars and provides a solid foundation for establishing your ministry. Use the Product Order Form found at www.mercytree.org.

Specific ministry tools and training manuals to start housing, car care, child care, and welfare-to-work ministries in any local church are also available. Cost is $65 plus shipping/handling. Use the Product Order Form below (or one found at www.mercytree.org) or call (770) 831-9418 for more information.

Brenda Armstrong in partnership with
Mercy Tree Ministries and CROWN Financial Ministries

     Product                                                                 Price   
         Single Parent Ministry Training Manual                     45.
         More Than Baby-Sitting (Child Care)                        65.
        Reach the Heart of the Home (Housing)                    65.
        Fixing Cars to Fixing Lives (Car Care)                       65.
        Empowering Single Parents (Welfare-to-Work)          65.


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