42. Forty-Two


Additional phone numbers and website addresses:
1. To access information on the Charitable Giving Act revisions:   www.thomas@loc.gov 

2. Gifts in Kind International   www.giftsinkind.org    (703) 836-2121

3. FREE business cards, thank you’s, and MUCH MORE: www.vistaprint.com  OR   www.overnightprint.com

4. www.grants.gov for Faith-Based and Community Government Grants list-serve   OR links to each of the Faith-Based and Community Initiative offices through www.whitehouse.gov/fbci

5. High Touch Direct Mail: www.hightouchsolutions.com or 1-888-444-4868 (TREMENDOUS RESOURCE!)

6. FREE COLOR PRINTERS! www.FreeColorPrinters.com and use the code 434420

7. www.Techsoup.com: CHEAP software! Including MS Office, Symantec, Quickbooks, etc. . .

8. For help with country ethnographies:   www.odci.gov/cia/publications/factbook


Learn to Google:
www.google.com  OR  www.ask.com  OR  www.yahoo.com

A. Google your city, state, topic key words, AND the keywords for an organization that does what you do OR for what you are looking. Remember, some people hyphenate certain words while other people do not SO you may need to google several different ways to find everything. . .

B. To leverage resources, use keywords:
gifts in-kind
gifts in kind
in-kind gifts
surplus goods
procured goods  
public charity
and variations of these words.

C. To find surplus goods from colleges/universities:
surplus goods
universities names (in your town, state, etc)
surplus auctions
Center for Nonprofit Management in your city

D. To find corporations with Giving Programs and or employee involvement/giving in your area!
community involvement
County Profile for your county!
corporate giving
employee action
employee matching
matching gifts
matched giving

E. Look up other organizations that are doing something similar as you are. . . Then, compare words.

II. Some are primary source. Some are secondary source. Some are tertiary source. So, ask for leads to what you need, too.

III. Additional Sources:
www.naeir.org          National Association for the Exchange of Industrial Resources
www.csoa.org                  Christian Service Charities
www.sharedpath.org       Shared Path
www.convoyofhope.org   Convoy of Hope
Catholic Charities
Lutheran Services
The United Way
Professional athletic teams in your city
Community Foundations
Rebuilding Together
Clothing banks
Food banks
Furniture banks

Talk to people and listen. Ask. Seek. Knock. Keep a notebook of interesting information for future use!

IV. Why use prefix ALL the time? On letters? On e-mails? When leaving a message? Are the following names male or female?
ALWAYS verify or be careful   Ms. OR Mrs. NOT Miss

V. Start Asking for $12,500 or so and BE A GOOD STEWARD of little! Don't start out asking for the "moon.":
Who are the banks in your city/area?
Who are the insurance companies?   Car?   Health?   Life?
Who are the auto dealers?
Who are the hospitals?
Who are the utility companies?   Electric?   Gas?   Water?   Sewer?   Garbage?
Who are the major presence corporations?   Who are largest Foundations and Corporations in your City?   State?   Region?
Professional Sports Teams?   Retail Outlets?   Gas Stations?

VI. Other Considerations:
1. Go to ANY public library Reference Area and ask about a County Profile at any library for your county.
2. If a Foundation or Corporation asks that you use their form or application, use it. If they require that you submit something in a particular order, follow their format. BUT always think relational and be proactive.
3. The 5 words that will build endowment: "Remember us in your will." Add these to your newsletter and become knowledgeable about Charitable Remainder Trusts and the like.
5. Don't put donors OR prospective donors on your mailing list. Rather, send them a copy of your newsletter with a handwritten note. . .
6. Work together with other nonprofits and churches in your city, in your state, and in the region. Start teaching this information on building relationships to others in your city, denomination, region, etc. . . As we start breaking bread and fellowship, and meet each others' needs, and pray and worship together, He shows up! Read and contemplate Acts 2:41-47. . .
7. What about Board of Directors?