The National Bridge Alliance


The National Bridge Alliance was formed as a membership organization to help build the capacity and sustainability of America’s faith-based and community nonprofit organizations including churches and ministries by following simple, revealed relationship principles and processes that work. We accomplish this through training, consulting, netweaving*, and offering support resources all at affordable price structures encouraging the sharing of resources as found in Act 2:41-47*. By encouraging and empowering faith-based and community groups to cooperate and collaborate, we build infrastructure that transforms communities and moves everyone from depepndency to self-sufficiency and inter-dependency.

• Helps empower ways to reach the community.
• Helps churches and ministries be ready to receive, identify and apply for grant, and build donor support through developing relationships (even with donors).

• Offers personal coaching, mentoring, grantwriting, and other services when needed at affordable and fair price structures.
• Help starting a Christian Preschool or other social enterprise support.

• A place to come together and support Kingdom-building.
• National and local grants for faith-based programs and grantmakers for Christians.
• Opportunities to tell your story to others who care on a Needs Page.

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* Learn about the "netweaving" concept, read Acts 2: 41-47, and/or contact the Founders of The National Bridge Alliance by Clicking HERE.