Skill-Based Resume #2


Rev.  Jeffrey F. Wines

6361 South Christian Fellowship Road
Warrensburg, Missouri  64093
(660)  111-1111

Objective: Seeking a Pastoral Ministry position which maximizes my leadership, administrative, teaching, and team-building gifts, experience, and expertise.



Excellent communicator with ability to project and elicit enthusiasm, drive, and energy.
Energetic professional with record of building strong working relationships achieving results.
Proven team-player, decision-maker, and problem-solver.
Skilled at handling various populations and age groups; professionally, sensitively, and effectively.
Accepting of others’ views on Religious and Theological issues.



Pastoral, Expository, and Teaching:

  • Develop, prepare, and present sermons and training material to motivate members.
  • Analytical; develop rapport/cooperation with parishioners, assess needs, provide accurate/timely information, and respond effectively to emergency situations.
  • Compassionate and sensitive in times of emotional, spiritual, or physical grief.
  • Strong personal initiative, versatile communicator, patient, personable, receptive.
  • Resourceful; accurately interpret problems and offer optimal solutions.
  • Ability to hold people responsible and accountable in productive ways.

Leadership and Training:

  • Lead congregation in budget development, preparation, and implementation.
  • Provide training to over 1,000 people in methods of responsibility, accountability, conflict resolution and to achieve desired goals and objectives.
  • Conduct all aspects of structured vocational technical classroom.
  • Taught beginning and advanced printing procedures from concept though bindery.
  • Create, market, and present two-day seminar for printing management.

Management and Supervisory:

  • Performed daily management functions of two successful businesses.
  • Solve problems "trouble shooting" from situations ranging from business management,  production, to customer complaints.
  • Inspect orders in all production areas and taught proper procedures to assure quality production.
  • Supervise all aspects of production from order entry , production, through delivery.
  • Develop and implement marketing alternatives, strategies, and plans.
  • Accountable for all aspects of quality control and assurance.


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Rev. Jeff Wines, Page 2



Facilitator, Community Bible Study, Warrensburg, MO, 1988 to Present
Assistant Trainer, Seminars, Incorporated, Warrensburg, MO, 1990 to Present
Teacher/Pastor, Mid-Missouri Mental Health Center, Warrensburg, MO, 1992 to Present
Interim Pastor, Hope Baptist Church, Fulton, MO, 1993 to 1994
Associate Pastor, Elk Grove Baptist Church, Warrensburg, MO, 1992 to 1994
Pulpit Supply, Immanuel Baptist Church, Fayette, MO, 1991
Ordained to the Ministry, Trinity Baptist Church, Warrensburg, MO, 1989
Licensed to Ministry, Trinity Baptist Church, Warrensburg, MO, 1988
Manager, Religious Press, Warrensburg, MO, 1978 to 1982



Self-Employed Consultant, Trainer, and Speaker, Warrensburg, MO, 1992 to Present
Owner/Manager, Printing, Warrensburg, MO, 1988 to 1992
Owner, Bookbinding & Printing, Warrensburg, MO, 1983 to 1988
Instructor, Vocational Graphics, The Career Center, Warrensburg, MO, 1977 to 1978



Missouri State College, Warrensburg, Missouri

Warrensburg College, Warrensburg, Missouri

International Typographical Union Apprenticeship Program (Three Years)
Tribune Printing Company, Warrensburg, Missouri



Assistant Trainer and Member, Board of Directors of Seminars, Incorporated
After Dinner Speaker-Humorist
Hobbies: Scuba Diving, Wood Carving, Sailing, and Exotic Vacation Planning and Facilitator
Active in Local Church Activities; Minister and Teacher







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[All on one page! Always include 3-5 references! Never fold it when sending it out!]


References for: (Center page headings, bold, and make 15 point font)

Allison Glenne Vickers (Your Name Here)


Dr. O. J. Rhone (all centered, 11 point font to match rest of resume), Assistant Professor
Department of Political Science
Central Missouri State University
# 121 Social Science Building
Warrensburg, Missouri 64093
(660) 123-4567


Mr. Jack Rogers, Supervisor
Rogers Manufacturing
1031 Nottingham Road
Centerview, Missouri 64065
(660) 987-6543


Ms. Rachell Colebank, Personnel Manager
Old Faithful Government Center
1219 Seventh Street
Higginsville, Missouri 64081
(660) 345-6789


Rev. Bob Ingle, Senior Pastor
Warrensburg Baptist Center
1302 Gay Street
Warrensburg, Missouri 64093
(660) 876-5432


This is one sample of a reference page. Remember, use three to five complete references and always attach a reference sheet with a resume-- don't wait for a prospective employer to request one.


Note: Putting "REFERENCES AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST" at the bottom of a resume is like putting a period at the end of a sentence–it tells the reader, "The end."

NEVER hand out your resume NOR send out your resume without accompanying a page of references. This tells the reader that you are a step ahead of others and ready to get the ball rolling!

By the way, make certain that your references receive an updated copy of your resume BEFORE you start using them as a reference!


Proverbs 27:17, “Iron sharpens iron!”

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