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#4 Lee’s Summit Court
Warrensburg, Missouri  64093
(660)  111-1111

Profile:  Accomplished business manager, instructor, management consultant, and published author seeking an administrative/management position utilizing formal education, substantial industry training, and over 20 years of successful practical experience.


Expert in Just-in-Time, Total Quality Management, Bills of Materials, Process Documentation, and Integrated Resource Management
Proven record of executing permanent profits turnaround through restructuring and reengineering
Recognized and published expert in manufacturing management
Deeply skilled in a wide range of disciplines from technical/mechanical issues to issues of morale, leadership, organizational structure, function-driven costing, and business psychology



Organizational and Management:

  • Develop business profit plan and supportive goals and measurement.
  • Utilize leadership style to stimulate, motivate, and enable subordinates and build team.
  • Organize, plan, and document new procedures for increasing productivity and profit.
  • Develop business organizational structure to enhance efficiency and reduce duplication/conflict.
  • Design plant layout to increase throughput and quality.
  • Responsible for turning around three “hopeless” Industrial Education facilities.

Analytical, Diagnosis, and Assessment:

  • Analyze problem areas, develop and document step-by-step corrective measures, conduct company-wide training with managers, supervisors, or assemblers.
  • Locate and identify hidden costs; devise, design, and implement corrective action.
  • Generate and consider variety of alternative solutions prior to decisions and plan of actions.
  • Search for needed data and adulates references to obtain appropriate information.
  • Proficient in cause-and-effect and secondary-effect analysis.

Communication and Instruction:

  • Unique ability to present theoretical/abstract concepts in practical understandable language.
  • Excellent communicator with ability to project and elicit enthusiasm, drive, and energy in the learning and management processes including teaching, coaching, and monitoring results.
  • Instruct users of business control software in the United States and Canada on various topics including Management Overview, Identifying Strategic Needs, Capacity Management, Inventory Management, and Results Monitoring.
  • Instructed adult classes in Principles of Materials Management, Logistics, Manufacturing Processes, Customers and Product Marketing, and Integrated Resource Management.
  • Develop learning objectives, visual aids, demonstrations, and assessment instruments.
  • Organized facilities, developed curriculum, selected texts, and taught courses.
  • Numerous formal instructional sessions with managers, supervisors, and shop workers addressing a multitude of issues including technical processes, inventory control, production planning, and seminars on “How to Train Employees.”

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Post-Graduate Course Work in Management and Organizational Studies
The University of Misssouri-Warrensburg
Bachelor of Science: Industrial Education, Northwestern OklahomaState University, Alva, OK
Continuing Education and Training Including Certification in:
Inventory Management, The Wharton School Seminar, Houston, TX
Implementing Materials Requirement Planning (MRP), IBM, Chicago, IL
Certification in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM), Falls Church, VA
Certified Facilitator in Integrated Resource Management (IRM), Chicago, IL


 “There Are Rules, and There Are Right Answers.”  In The Performance Alternative of the 1990's, Lions Publishing and Distributing, Incorporated; Dallas, TX. 1995.

 “What Some Companies Are Missing.”  In Time Magazine Weekly.  Princeton, NJ.  1995. Articles in Intelligent Managment Newsletter.  Tulsa, OK.  1995.  Including:
   • Foundation for Profits: The Basics    • Foundation for Profits: Leadership
   • Foundation for Profits: Stability    • Foundation for Profits: Net Effect
   • Foundation for Profits: Total Cost Control   • Profitable Manufacturing: The Formula
   • Real Productivity: Are We Measuring the Wrong Things? 



Accurate Inventory Seminar for Inventory Managers. Warrensburg, MO. 1998.

Bills of Materials Seminar Presented for Middle Managers, CPA’s, Engineers, and Consultants.

American Production Inventory Control Society (APICS). Spokane, WA. 1998.

Accurate Forecasting Presentation to Top and Middle Managers from the West Coast, Alaska, and Hawaii. APICS West Coast Conference. San Jose, CA. 1996.

In the Black in Ninety Days Seminar Presented to Owners and Top Managers from the Public and Private Sectors. APICS. Okanagan Valley, Texas. 1994.

Total Cost Control Seminar for Middle Managers from Public and Private Sector.  Data Processing Management Association. Spokane, WA. 1993.

Manufacturing Cost Control for Top and Middle Managers. APICS. Spokane, WA. 1993.


Management Consultant, Self-Employed, Warrensburg, MO, 1990 to Present
Operations Planning Manager Brothers Metal Products, Spokane, WA, 1981 to 1990

Materials Manager, The Fry Corporation, New Orleans, LA, 1977 to 1981
Industrial Education Instructor, Missouri Public Schools, Des Moines, IA, 1969 to 1977


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[All on one page! Always include 3-5 references! Never fold it when sending it out!]


References for: (Center page headings, bold, and make 15 point font)

Allison Glenne Vickers (Your Name Here)


Dr. O. J. Rhone (all centered, 11 point font to match rest of resume), Assistant Professor
Department of Political Science
Central Missouri State University
# 121 Social Science Building
Warrensburg, Missouri 64093
(660) 123-4567


Mr. Jack Rogers, Supervisor
Rogers Manufacturing
1031 Nottingham Road
Centerview, Missouri 64065
(660) 987-6543


Ms. Rachell Colebank, Personnel Manager
Old Faithful Government Center
1219 Seventh Street
Higginsville, Missouri 64081
(660) 345-6789


Rev. Bob Ingle, Senior Pastor
Warrensburg Baptist Center
1302 Gay Street
Warrensburg, Missouri 64093
(660) 876-5432


This is one sample of a reference page. Remember, use three to five complete references and always attach a reference sheet with a resume-- don't wait for a prospective employer to request one.


Note: Putting "REFERENCES AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST" at the bottom of a resume is like putting a period at the end of a sentence–it tells the reader, "The end."

NEVER hand out your resume NOR send out your resume without accompanying a page of references. This tells the reader that you are a step ahead of others and ready to get the ball rolling!

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