Relationship University

A One-Stop Shop for ALL Types of Relationships


If people are perishing from a "lack of knowledge," and they don't know what they don't know. . .Who is going to help them know where to go to find what they need to know?

We are. You and me and any others that want to join us.

Here's the idea: Build a website where people can come to find hope and practical and affordable help, Free book downlaods, and much more. . . Things such as:

  • Books on marriage and parenting that they can download either Free OR very cheap.
  • Help to find funding or write grants for Free or very cheap.
  • Leads to find residual income and business opportunities that will support ministry and meeting needs in the community.
  • Companies that will sell competitive and affordable insurance to Pastors and nonprofit executives.
  • Introduction to companies to find affordable housing.
  • Help to do their own resume, sample letters, and help to find a job.
  • Information on MANY relational topics that are condensed in one spot to facilitate access.
  • Ask a question and have help being directed to what they need?

Let me introduce you to this and more. . . Relationship University.

Check it out! 

Help Us!

The Seven Colleges within Relationship University:
   I. College of Family 
          Home, Marriage, Family-Building, and Parenting.
   II. College of Work 
          Resumes, Marketplace, and Community-Building.
   III. College of Nonprofit Organizations and Churches 
          Grantwriting, Capacity-Building, and Sustainability.
   IV. College of Faith
          Encouragement, Theology, and Prayer.
   V. College of Finances 
          Residual Income, Wealth, Wealth Creation, and Management.
   VI. College of Healthy Living and Wellness 
          Take care of yourself so that you can take care of others.
   VII. College of Alliances, Best Practices, and Ideas 
          We are stronger together than alone. . .
          If we help each other and one boat rises, the other will rise, too!