II. The College of Work, Workplace, and Community-Building

Classes, Books, Videos, etc. offered in this College:

II-A. Resume Building--for Yourself and for others!
Want a modern, up-to-date resume and get the job you want NOT a job like you have always had before? Good!   Click HERE 

II-B. Random Acts of Kindness
Many people just don't know where to start. Although still a DRAFT in process, get a few ideas to start with FREE by Clicking HERE.

II-C. Loving Your Neighbor as Yourself
here. . .

II-D. Building Alliances
We must meet together with others in our community and work together. Click HERE to learn more about building community and BEing and DOing YOUR part in YOUR community.

II-E. Insert
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II-F. Insert
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II-G. Rich Walters’ stuff?
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II-H. Insert
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II-I. Internship: _____ 


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Relationship University:
   I. College of Home, Marriage, Family-Building, and Parenting (Click HERE)
   II. College of Work, Workplace, and Community-Building (Click HERE)
   III. College of Entertainment (Click HERE)
   IV. College of Health, Wellness, and Medicine (Click HERE)
   V. College of Residual Income, Wealth, Wealth Creation, and Management  (Click HERE)
   VI. College of Organizations, Churches, and Nonprofits (Click HERE)
   VII. College of Encouragement, Theology, and Prayer (Click HERE)

ALL courses are designed to implement the R.E.L.A.T.I.O.N.S.H.I.P. acronym into each situation. To learn the imperative ingredients that must be present and growing in ANY meaningful relationship,  Click HERE