This is a starting place for the discussion of what TRUE relationship encumbers, involves, and requires. . . These are the CORE characteristics of what must be present in EVERY relationships for intimacy ("into me see") to be present. A relationship missing even one of these qualities can suffer--so let us work on ourselves ALWAYS in order to prepare ourselves to engage in TRUE relationship with those around us!

By the way, the application of these characteristics here will be in dealing with "funders." However, the Scripture only has the one guideline for ALL horizontal relationships. Consequently, these qualities MUST BE present and growing in ALL relationships--with your spouse, children, family, at work, with your neighbors, at church, with funders, and even with your enemies!

Characteristics and Qualities that MUST be Present in Dealing with Funders (AND ALL Other Relationships, too. . .):

R  espect and Honor:   [Respect MUST be present for relationships to. . .]
E  xpressions of Encouragement:   [Positive words MUST be the. . .]
L  isten, Acknowledge, and Consider Response:   ["Listening. . ."]
A  ppreciate and Affirm:   [Value what is there--even if. . .]
T  RUST In-Spite Of and Through Brokenness:   [Reasons. . .]
I  dentify and Build on Commonalities:   [Choose to see common. . .]
O  rder in Place and Deliberate Actions:   [Order helps assure. . .]
N  urturance and Understanding:   [Seven positive words for each. . .]
S  elf-less Orientation:   [The Biblical Mandate is to be. . .]
H  ope, Faith, and Pursuit of Consistency:   [We must incorporate. . .]
I  ntegrity Journey:   [Integrity does NOT mean perfection. Rather, it. . .]
P  ardon, GRACE, and Mercy MUST Abound:   [Of ALL things. . .]

No relationship can begin or exist without Respect and Honor NOR can it be what God desires without Grace--and a WHOLE LOT in-between.

Like it or not, ALL these characteristics MUST be present and growing for pure relationship to exist. Each of us has our hands FULL  working on the presence of these qualities within ourselves! Let us seek to work on ALL relationships that God has entrusted to us to steward.