A Life-Changing Video...


I want to share a video with you that has HUGELY impacted my life.
God has been showing me about being ‘present’ more with my relationships, slowing down, making eye contact and speaking someone's name. I have been hammered about that daily in my time with God and in talking to others, it seems. Someone introduced me to this video and I want to share this 37-minute video with you. It is the VERY BEST message I have seen recently at revealing human behavior, the need to SLOW DOWN and why that is so important. I would love for you to watch it and then I would LOVE to talk to you about it. It is about "slowing down to God's speed in order to KNOW others and BE KNOWN by others!"

I believe EVERY human being wants to know that somebody knows them and somebody cares about them. Intimacy is required BUT people don't realize it most often starts with themselves. Intimacy means ‘into-me-see’ and initiates and starts with each of us as individuals. This video is about starting with yourself in a different way than most people think. PLEASE DON'T JUST MOVE PAST THIS EMAIL WITHOUT CONSIDERING MY REQUEST to watch this video!

I believe it will be my HUGE gift to you today. It will bless you in a HUGE way! I promise. It has made a tremendous impact in my life and has made me think and act differently about relationships. I watch it every week—at least once—and it continually changes my interactions with others a little bit each time. I hope it makes an impact in your life, as well. Here's my request—Would you please set aside 37-minutes, grab a coffee, a soda or a snack and give this video your undivided attention. Then if you are so inclined please send me your thoughts, comments, questions--I'd love some dialogue and community conversation. Maybe even share it with others.

Here's the link www.livegodspeed.org. You have to click to enter the site and click to watch the God Speed Video. I hope you enjoy it and I hope it makes you think. Again, it has impacted me--I hope it does you, too.

My first Bachelor's Degree is in Religion from a private, Southern Baptist Bible University. If you want, I can talk Theology, Eschatology, Christology, Soteriology, Ecclesiology, Missiology, Bibliology, Hamartiology or many other things. BUT none of that really matters most of the time. I do, however, find myself watching this video over and over again about relationships and “being known.” I am begging you, please watch this video. It probably doesn’t match your theology and that is okay but please watch it and listen for the relationship-message it shares that is VERY IMPORTANT. 

My desire and intent is to live every moment with meaning and value and purpose BUT what I find myself doing is allowing myself to be distracted by MANY pulls that I know are not productive and the right way to distract myself toward BUT I do it anyway! This video carries a message that has cause me a refreshing time of self-review. It mirrors so much of what I am trying to teach, too. Nonprofit executives and Pastors do their best BUT they are often in the wheel of busy-ness and not focused on what they can control. They are constantly distracted, BUSY and want to rush everything but often miss opportunities and relationships because they are not focused and intent on being PRESENT. I hear this from my Donors ALL THE TIME, too! Donors move at a slower and deliberate, intentional pace and are much more practiced and perfect at being PRESENT while those they meet with are so focused on money and being busy that they often PUSH and hurry the time. Donors want more relationship and longer experience with people before engaging in funding partnerships. They want to know people more and develop understanding and trust and PRESENCE! This little testimonial video is unbelievably accurate in so many ways with so many applications. . .

I need to really do some soul-searching and find ways to be more intentionally PRESENT for so many things. We ALL do. Let me know what you think after watching the video!
Bless you!
Bob Vickers   bob@ArtfulAskers.com
I started writing down the life-lessons and quotes from the video as they “hit” me. Here are some of my favorites:

“I've been running my whole life—running through life to get somewhere else! And I ran by and missed many things in my life.”

“We must learn to walk instead of only learning to run.”

“When you are truly valuing relationships appropriately, life is NOT so fast!”

“Nobody in America gets listened to very much. I was surprised how few people have real relationships.”

“Two stories: The story of the freedom I found and the story of the freedom that found me.”

“People deserve more of us on a Monday than they deserve in a Sunday morning message.”

“The most important part of our speech and in the human language is a person's name. A name is the very basic life-giving term in language. A person's name is spoken MEANS something. Until there is a name AND it is spoken--there is no relationship! A name is the most personal way to connect.”

“The average person walks 3 miles per hour while in our society, we try to live life at 60 miles per hour!”

“People were present who could give me the grace that I could NOT give myself! I was in a fishbowl BUT was unafraid because of relationships.”

“I want to slow down BUT I have no idea how to do that!”

“Three miles an hour God. He moves slowly sometimes while we move 60 miles an hour! We must adjust to His time!”

“Nobody in America is listening to you very much.”

“Slow down to catch up with God so He can know us and we can know others.”

“People are convinced of the power of Jesus Christ through relationships with others.”

“We MUST use wisely the gifts we have been given!”

“I'm amazed at how few 'real relationships’ that people REALLY have!”

“Most Americans are not comfortable in relationships much less comfortable being verbally intimate.”

“A person's name is THE MOST important part of language—much less, a relationship.”

“Nobody in America gets listened to very much. Not very many people are in significant relationships.”