2020 USB of Materials


Contains 40 Sample Proposals AND 34 BONUS documents.

Artful Askers’ Sample Proposals to Share with Members. . .
All samples are on USB for $75 by name and number.

Sample Proposal #       Name of Sample File on USB:

     1                  Community Outreach to Under-Served/Under-Resourced in targeted inner-cities
     2                  Deffenbaugh International Ministry to Women’s Basic Needs in 3 different countries
     3                  Manna Warehouse Leveraging and Community Impact, post-Covid19 actual letter
     4                  School Ministry to Immigrants Farming for inner-city clients
     5                  Solid Rock Women’s Prison Ministry and Re-Start

     6                  Artful Askers Bridge Impact and Transforming Empowerment
     7                  Bridge Idea for Impacting and Serving Nonprofits and others serving to meet needs
     8                  Senior Adult Program for Eden Alternative
     9                  Helping Elderly with Disabilities
     10                Senior Encouragers

     11                Operation Adoption Pastor Mike Bring Help and Hope to the Family
     12                Ex-Offender Prison Freedom Post-care
     13                Southwestern University Missouri General Fund for Dr Vickers
     14                Alcohol Recovery Men and Family Support plus Kids for Recovery
     15               Hope for Widows and Orphans Partners in Community Service

     16                Employ America for People with Disabilities
     17                Connections for Chronically Mentally Ill Homeless
     18                Dyslexia Issues and Special Needs Family Support
     19                Evangelistic Association and School Assemblies
     20                Ex Offender Network for Life Support and Family

     21                FBC Burg Church and Community Impact
     22                Open Door Food Pantry Need one-pager
     23                Youth Golf Program and Sports
     24                Homes for Homeless for Veterans
     25                Hondurans Helping Hondurans in 3 countries written for a specific NOFA/CFP

     26                I Care About Others and Domestic and International written to specific NOFA/CFP
     27                Lift Others and Help People in Need recently incorporated with 185 years experience
     28                Jewish Outreach to Purchase Building and Restore for Use
     29                Mashiach Yisrael Building and Community
     30                Acting 4 Christ Arts, Dance and Evangelism  

     31                Pacific North West Outreach Appeal for Support and Response Card
     32                Pastoral Care for Serving the Servants Religious
     33                Pastors Reaching Out Discipleship and Community Impact
     34                Alternative Care Pregnancy and Education Center
     35                Reaching Men for Church, Family and Community Impact

     36                Student Metro for Youth and College written to a specific NOFA/CFP or request
     37                Wilderness Retreat for Evangelism and Retreat Center
     38                Next Step Women’s Healing House for Addiction, Ex-Offender, Women
     39                Falls Creek Youth Camp AND Retreat Center
     40                Youth Camp, Capital Campaign written to a specific NOFA/CFP or request

All files are electronic available on USB or request 2 Free of   Bob@ArtfulAskers.com


Bonus Documents for USB—From Bob’s Drive AA Re-Writes/Updates post CoVid19 2020:
   ⁰           000 List of Documents
   ⁰           001 Chapter from Book DRAFT May 2020 post-covid19
   ⁰           002 Workshop flier template 2020 Artful Askers flier post Covid19
   ⁰           14 Proposal Template NEW to download NO HEADING ready to cut and paste into June 2020
   ⁰           15 Do not use only religious words nor too many post covid19 March 2020

   ⁰           16 44 NEEDS of What Every Nonprofit Should Know! May 2020 post covid19
   ⁰           17 COVID19 Response and Survival Plan June 15 2020
   ⁰           18 Bakers Dozen for Organizational Stability post covid19 April 2020
   ⁰           20 Fishing as Example to Mirror Funding and Philanthropy Post Covid19 April 2020
   ⁰           21 Grammar Spelling and Punctuation of Written Document post covid19

   ⁰           22 Four Sample Budgets April 2020 post covid19
   ⁰           23 Letters of Endorsement and Support post covid19
   ⁰           24 Pillars of Poverty April 2020 post covid19
   ⁰           25 Critical Concepts to Being a Community Change Agent
   ⁰           26A Research for Companies in Communities post Covid19

   ⁰           26B Research Materials Access and Use Download compiled April 2020 post covid19
   ⁰           26C What do they mean when they say in Research March 2020 covid19
   ⁰           27 Board Member Responsibilities and Guidelines post covid19
   ⁰           28 In Kind Giving and Volunteer Hour Documentation for Return on Investment 
   ⁰           29 Warehouse Toolkit first 10 pages in pdf Gleaning and In Kind Giving

   ⁰           29B FINAL Warehouse Toolkit Submitted Gleaning and In Kind Giving FINAL
   ⁰           30 Project Connect Toolkit First 14 pages in pdf 
   ⁰           30B FINAL Project Connect Toolkit Submitted for 1st round Edit May 12 2018
   ⁰           31 New Resume Template in Word
   ⁰           31 Skill Based Resume Guide PF FINAL 2020

   ⁰           32A Incorporation HELP List and Flow Chart March 2020 post covid19
   ⁰           32B Should You Become a Nonprofit Guide and Questions post covid19 2020
   ⁰           33A All About Me MSWord Inside Short version
   ⁰           33B All About Me MSWord LONG FORM INSIDE
   ⁰           34A Sample Grant Manual and How to Use Them post covid19

   ⁰           35 Power of Thank You AND Encouragement Notes April 2020 post covid19
   ⁰           36 Matched Giver List NEW November 2019

All these on the USB for $75. To purchase the USB, Click HERE.