Premium Associate $399
or Artful Askers Certificate $1,000


Everyone who attends a workshop
OR purchases/watches the DVD Series receives Free:

     --Critique/suggestions of proposal/documents.
     --Answer questions up to 2 hours assistance.
     --Access to electronic files as available.
     --Future workshop attendance at no charge.

Become a Premium Associate and also receive:
     --Priority Assistance up to 20 hours Help!
     --DVD Series upon request.
     --Processing, coaching and mentoring.
     --Regular contact and encouragement.
     --Open access to ALL letters electronic with Bob's help customization.
     --Regular "insider" e-mails and newsletter.

     --Ghostwriting proposal, letter development assistance to 5 hours.
     --Life coach, mentor and certification of training.
     --Skype access (scheduled).
     --New products/updates drop shipped (electronically).
     --Collaboration and brainstorming ideas/development.

     --Help setting up and development of a website.
     --Ongoing specific research by request.
     --Phone conference calls free (6 times per year to be scheduled).
     --Cell phone access to Bob for assistance 9:00 am cst to 4:00 pm cst.

     Premium Associate $399 for 12 months. . . To purchase, Click HERE!  

Certification for Resource Acquisition--$1,000. . . To Purchase, Click HERE:
     --Learn EVERYTHING about the processes and receive Artful Askers Certificate.

Retainer hours means you prioritize higher to receive writing, research, and coaching help
     Retainer $599 for 20+ hours priority focus. . .
                       More about all retainers/workshop hosting, Click HERE

     Retainer $1,999 for 80+ hours priority focus
     Retainer and Workshop $2,999 for 80 hours AND a workshop in your city
            (to help re-coup your investment as you keep proceeds)