Coaching and Assistance

Artful Askers exists to empower you with knowledge, resources, and coaching to engage in a process helping you to help yourself. Everyone can learn and engage in this process. We are Educators NOT Consultants and empower success--NOT recruit retainer clients! The one-day training is sufficient, in most cases, to empower you to be successful. If you are interested in Hosting an "Artful Askers Workshop: Building Relationships With Funders" in your city, CLICK HERE for more information and guidelines on HOSTING.

Should you need to hire someone for help, we would be happy to discuss options with you. The following is our guide. . . If you have a special project OR are interested in other arrangements, please call, e-mail and discuss.

Plan B: Community Impact and Transformation Certification:

1. The Certification is $1,000, empowers you with the complete package and enough information to transform YOUR community. It covers more than 1,200 pages of materials and MORE!  For Overview Listing of Materials and to learn about "Community Impact and Transformation Certification," Click HERE!  You become "Certified at Community Impact and Transformation" in the larger overview and, thus, can be a Train-the-Trainer and/or to receive continuing education units. 


Plan C: Retainer/Purchase "Blocks of Time"

3. $599 for 18+ hours For people who have attended a workshop and have at least a draft of a proposal, a thorough understanding of the concepts, and some idea of the direction they want to go. The 15 to 18 hours are carried out as long as possible--the more you contribute, the longer the hours are carried out. Includes research and writing and the time for each is scheduled when I either receive a check OR you select this option from the Products Page and pay online. (To order the $599 package, CLICK HERE.)  We will call you upon receipt to discuss timing and next steps.

4. $1,999 for 80+ hours This is the "Start to Finish Option" and includes the Workshop DVD, extensive research, writing of the proposal in 2 edit loops working with you, helping you get everything ready and ENGAGE! I even help over 3 months of follow up and follow through. Includes research and writing and the time for each is scheduled when I either receive a check OR you select this option from the Products Page and pay online. All the while, you are coached to learn the process. (To order the $1,999 package, CLICK HERE.) We will call upon receipt to discuss timing and next steps.

Please call or send an e-mail if you are interested. Research and writing time is schedule when we receive a check (usually 3-4 weeks after check is received). However, if you have something started and will work hard on helping to help yourself, the entire process can be completed in 3 or 4 weeks!

  • The overall goal is to teach you to "DO" this process yourself so that you can be successful yourself AND so that you can help other individuals and organizations to "DO" the process. This includes:Developing an initial proposal by working through two or three "writing/editing loops."
  • Modifying proposals and submitting them to five foundations or corporate-giving programs.
  • Providing the document on disk for you to modify and continue using for future submissions.
  • Coaching and assisting you in developing an overall funding plan and utilizing your current contacts.
  • Consulting, writing, coaching, encouraging, and helping.
  • For an extra $1,000, you can have a workshop in your church/city! (Total $2,999) AND YOU KEEP THE REGISTRATION FEES!

In addition, 8 to 10 hours of researching funders for your organization: local, state, regional, and national. 20 to 50 foundations or corporate-giving programs that have a history or interest in funding your type of organization. We'll work through several research "loops" to help you access information on contacts that you have--especially ones within 50 miles of you. We'll even tell you the best ones to send to and start the process.


Plan D: "Artful Askers Workshop" in Your City

  • As a ministry team or organization, you are the host
  • You help arrange for a church or other place for the workshop to be held
  • You provide the cost of airfare ticket or other travel arrangements
  • You assist in coordination of place to stay (prefer a home)
  • You share the role for promoting, recruiting, and advertising (will provide brochures)
  • You reap the benefit in facilitating the building of Biblical Community in your city
  • We can negotiate an on-site consult and training for ONLY your organization

Interested in hosting a workshop? MORE HERE OR Please call--it's easier and cheaper than you think!

Rather pay by check? Please e-mail Bob for address as we have recently moved! 

Bob Vickers and Artful Askers
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