Artful Askers exists to empower faith-based and
community organizations with the knowledge, tools, expertise,
and skills to access money and other resources
to meet needs in their community.

We help you to have HUGE community-impact and transformation
and build your capacity to meet needs!

"Philanthropy is the 'art' of connecting
a cheerful giver and a grateful recipient by an 'artful' ask." 

More than 90% of the wealth in this country is in non-cash assets. In fact 92.7% of ALL giving are these non-cash or in-kind gifts. You must be stewarding and documenting these (volunteer hours, in-kind gifts, stock, etc) appropriately and demonstrate your leverage to donors before many funders will consider cash or monetary grants. Are you ready to receive? Are you ready to engage?  

Accessing money and other resources is not a secret--it's a "process" and the process is based entirely upon proven principles that work whether you believe them or not. Most people don't know what they don't know but if you follow the process, it works.  

Working with nonprofits, community leaders, churches, Board Members, United Way-type agencies, and others in meeting community needs, we have taught 34,000 Doers (faith-based or community nonprofits, churches, etc) and 3,400 Donors (foundations, corporations, individuals, athletes, musicians, etc) to engage the same process for themselves--no need to hire a consultant. The process applies in every situation and is based on sound principles. Regardless of the amount of money you are looking for or what the need is, if you follow the process, your need will be met. However, don't use religious words--show the social value of what you are doing and the benefit to people in your community and share your vision!

We teach the entire process in a one-day workshop and on DVD: We are Educators NOT Consultants: We teach you how to do everything yourself without the need to hire anyone--Leveraging through gleaners and volunteer time; Being ready to receive; Sharing your vision in a 3- to 5-page written document (following very strict format/content guidelines based on industry research); Assessing, engaging in, and stewarding the connections and relationships around you whether approved or rejected; and BEing and DOing your part working to meet needs in your community. . . Your nonprofit, your Board or volunteers, or your church can gain the knowledge to access all that you need.


The perish is caused by "the lack of knowledge. . ."

Ask, and it will be given.Seek, and you will find.


Bob Vickers is the Education Director at:

Perception Funding
P.O. Box 480213
Kansas City, MO  64148


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Bob and Connie have relocated to Gardner, Kansas.

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His direct phone for brief calls and brief texts is (660) 580-0007.