Update on Bob and Connie.



Not quite as dramatic as Elvis--BUT: "Ladies and Gentlemen, Bob and Connie have left the 'Burg!" 

Connie and I woke up one October morning in 2018 and realized that we did not live in the same town as our kids and grandkids. It broke our hearts! 

So, we moved.

Connie retired after 34 years of being a tax accountant and I can do my job from about anywhere so we made the decision and within 21 days had sold our house and bought a new one. 

And I am still trying to learn to walk again. In 2015, I fell down my stairs at home. Connie and I were with our youngest granddaughter Olivia and had just gotten out of the hot tub. We were going up the stairs and I got to the top and realized that I had forgotten my t-shirt outside. So, when I turned around and started to take a step to the stairs--I missed the first step! Go figure! I just flat missed the step and tumbled head over heals to the bottom. My advice to anyone who will listen, "If you are going to miss a step on your stairs, make it the LAST one NOT the first one."

I shattered my foot and I am still struggling to walk. I have 14 pieces of titanium holding the front half of my foot together BUT I cannot put much weight on it. And for a 240 pound 62-year old, that's my challenge. 

We moved to a small town in Southwest Kansas City on the Kansas side called Gardner, KS. We LOVE it here and the people are friendly. And we found an awesome church in Lenexa/Olathe. 

And we see kids and grandkids nearly every single day. We are happy and very grateful for the many prayers of friends and family. Between us, we have buried 3 children BUT God has been so good to us and we will continue to serve Him!

Reach out to me--especially by e-mail and let's connect! PLEASE NOTE: NONE of the addresses phone numbers in Warrensburg work! We have sold our home, Connie retired and we live 100% in Gardner, KS. 

Until I learn to blog and get set-up, I will occasionally post updates HERE and below!

Thanks! We love you! Bob and Connie Vickers  (Write us at 440 West Acorn Street, Gardner, KS 66030.)


Artful Askers
     (660) 580-0007, Bob’s personal cell phone, brief calls/texts