What people are saying. . .


We love to hear feedback from participants or people who have gained from traveling the shared path with us. . . Let us hear from you!

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"You give new meaning to the over-used phrase, "Pay It Forward." You are sowing excellent seed into soil that will bear fruit for a LONG TIME!"

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"I paid $49 and attended on of your recent workshops knowing that $49 is the least I've ever paid for a workshop or seminar ion this topic. I figured, 'what did I have to lose?' WOW! Was I ever mistaken! You certainly did go the extra mile. You under-promised and OVER-delivered. I received more information and material from from you than I ever have received from one of these workshops--even the one I paid $4,600 for a weeklong workshop on the same topic! YOURS WAS FAR BETTER! You'll never know the impact you've had on me, my family, my co-workers and our organization, and our community! Thank you!"

- - - - -

“I had the privilege of participating in your one-day Artful Askers Workshop. You presented/instructed how to apply artfully to ask for funds. You indicated the recommended attitude and behavior to solicitation with any foundations and corporations–How important it is to BE and DO NOT just manipulate funding. Also, you taught to be patient YET persistent. This has been great advice. I have used your methods and formats and have been moderately successful. I have applied twelve times and have won eight. I'm VERY happy with that given I didn't know what I didn't know when I came to your workshop.
The recent history of our organization has shown a successful gradual development from a sixty square foot closet to a six hundred plus square foot facility. The commensurate increase in staffing shadows our progress. Your workshop helped me to re-name our organization, define our mission and vision more clearly, write a 3 to 5 page document to share with others about our need, and even taught me how to cooperate and collaborate with others in our community to meet the needs around us together regardless of who gets the credit. What you taught and what I have applied has met with GREAT reception and success and is still in use today. Your impetus sparked my vision to create the developmental energy to build three new grants. Your study material promotes building the faith community to serve the hungry, poor, homeless, and meet whatever needs are around us. This has happened. I now have Baptists, Lutherans, Disciples of Christ, Methodists, and Catholics joining to cooperate and collaborate in our community. Thank you.
This is simply a progress report. You came and poured out a lifetime Body of Work that you ave learned and cast out your blessings into me and many others and you should know what has occurred. I have learned that God works in so many ways, mysterious ways. It has happened to me and forty other volunteers who feed over a five hundred persons per month. My memory of that seminar is still vivid and so very powerful in EVERY aspect of relationship. Thank you! When are you coming West again–I know 25 or 30 people who NEED your information.”

- - - - -

“I wanted to thank you for coming and helping us with a fantastic workshop. I enjoyed the seminar and the fellowship. Words cannot express how appreciative to God I am for allowing you to come to us and share the words of wisdom, knowledge and relational revelation. May God continually bless you, prosper you and make his face shine on you.”

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“My first “Thank you anyway” letter is in the mail to a previous rejection–I never dreamed how important it was–BUT you are soooooo right: Everything is about relationship. My production of proposals this week will begin to shift to a model of wisdom–Yours. THANK YOU. Also thanks to you, I have helped several charities with the benefit of the generosity from you and your organization and the copyrught release. Thanks for allowing me to copy the workbook and work through it in helping others–you were correct: When we break bread and fellowship, God shows up and does something beyond our wildest dreams or imaginations! I have become aware of the tremendous need for believers to sit together and help each other YET no-one seem to get together--many excuses! The CD’s with templates have been incredibly helpful, too. THANK YOU for being obedient and sharing an important message. P.S. By the way, why didn’t they teach us this stuff in Bible College and Seminary?”

- - - - -

“It was a marvelous day with you at the one day workshop. WOW! EVERYONE needs to attend your workshop as it teaches RELATIONSHIP and helped me in more ways than I could begin to tell you (marriage issues, parenting, friendships, neighbors, etc)! You are doing God’s work. I will have you back for others in our community VERY SOON! Thank you, Thank you! Bless you.”

- - - - -

"I've been doing fundraising for 34 years fror religious nonprofits--I wish I would have known this information when I started! Thanks!" Development Director, 34+ years

"After attending your workshop last summer, I decided I didn't need to write a grant--I needed to apply the relationship principles in my life. I needed to BE NOT Do and Have. . . I started to repair the relationship with my wife and children. After 8 months and enjoying my wife and children again (and they, me), my wife's father died. Had I not spent that 8 months repairing my marriage, no telling what would have happened in my family! Thank you for being faithful to your call (even though you are inperfect, too!)." Ministry Leader, 20+ years

"Mr. Vickers: I was one of the participants in your workshop last October. Since then, I have written several grants. I was turned down on many, but did receive $43,000 on the others. After being turned down, I wrote "thank you for the rejections" as you suggested. Two of the ones that I had been turned down on came back afterwards and gave me $5,000 each. I just wanted to let you know of my success! Thank you for your help, your GREAT ideas and suggestions, and everything you taught--It was a GREAT one-day workshop and well-worth the $99."


"No offense, Bob--BUT what you teach has nothing to do with money--rather, it has EVERYTHING to do with RELATIONSHIPS: You simply apply the concepts to money. And it is effective, by the way."

"I had spent $900 attending 4 different grant-writing workshops before yours and had NEVER received an approval. I figured yours was the cheapest I had attended at $99 so, "what did I have to lose." Within 4 weeks, I had been approved for $3,800. I was excited! I am now 5 for 7 in approvals in the past 7 months!"

"I bought your video and watched it. Within 4 months, I had received 2 brand new vans and $47,000. Now, I am helping other Pastors and ministry-leaders learn the Biblical process that you teach. Thanks!"

"I have been doing development for Christian ministries and churches for 34 years--and was VERY successful at getting money. But I didn't know what I didn't know about the Biblical process. I was successful at getting money but wasn't successful at being faithgful and obedient to God's way. THANK YOU so much for your teaching. . . It was incredible."

"I attended the workshop in Salem, Oregon in October and have just received MY FIRST GRANT. THANK YOU! I am elated to have learned the process and am seeking to be a good steward of little trusting God for more! I want to help others, too!"



"God has been so good to us personally as well as to our ministry. This past year, the Children's Home received several grants-thanks to your teaching! We are relocating the Children's Homes to some donated property contiguous to our current campus. Our buildings are 40 years old and in much need of repair (or basically tearing them down). We received a $750,000 grant for infrastructure, $100,000 toward our Administration Building and even got a $36,000 Staff Training grant. If we only had you on staff foundations!"

"I want to thank you for the information I learned in your workshop 4 months ago. I paid and attended hoping to learn a little bit about grantwriting. I knew NOTHING about anything before the day of your workshop--but did I learn? Within 2 weeks, I had cut-and-pasted a proposal from your workbook and Samples Manual and started sending it out. Within 3 months, I had received a $60,000 check and another approval for $60,000. WOW! I couldn't believe it! I did it myself! (with a lot of help from you!). How can I thank you enough for empowering me to do this process? I am even now helping my church raise money for a new property, helping several friends raise money for their organizations, and even helping several secular groups access money as an evangelistic outreach! God is SO GOOD! Thank you so much!"

"Hello Bob: I have been thinking about you quite a lot lately. I lost your email and address and then... your email arrived today. And what better day to arrive on than Good Friday. I have thought about you and your family often. After 25 years as a TV news anchor, I was forced to leave my position last November. But as one door closed, God open another one. A better one. A door that He chose for me. I think back to the grant writing course you taught in [my city] a few years back. I took your lesson to heart. However, like Babe Ruth I struck out more times than I won grants. But then, last year when I least expected it - one of my grants secured funding. My TV career was ending, so I decided to jump into the nonprofit world full time. However, what I thought was a one-time award of $200,000 in fact, turned out to be a five year contract valued at $200,000 a year! That was my first million dollar grant. God hit a Babe Ruth styled home run. Everyday is a walk in faith: staff relations, budgetary issues, 30 day reimbursables, and more. Everyday I am reminded of how much God loves me that he would give me the responsibility of stewarding His little organization."

"Bob, I just want to say 'thanks.' If it hadn't been for your course and your book, I never would have taken the first steps toward the life I am now living. I remember one of the people who attended your day long seminar. He was impatient and wanted funding NOW! What I have learned from first hand experience is that it takes T-I-M-E. Grant writing is like being a farmer. Each proposal is a seed. It takes time to plant, to grow and to mature before the harvest can come in. Remember the parable that Jesus taught about planting seeds of faith. He cited four examples: one seed falls on the rocks and dies, the other two don't fare much better. But the fourth one reaches fertile soil. That's a one in four chance that someone will "hear" the word of God. That's a one in four chance that someone will respond favorably to a proposal.


Bob Vickers and Artful Askers