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$1,000   - Certification and Lifelong Mentoring

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Certification in NPO Community Cooperation and Collaboration Development, Acquisition and Lifelong Mentoring.

Become cooperating and collaborating Associate and join with Bob Vickers and Artful Askers to gain, seek, utilize and SHARE the knowledge to empower nonprofits, civic groups, schools and churches to change their world. . .

Questions? Call Bob at (660) 580-0007. Serious inquiries only. OR email for more extended conversations.  

Please note: I only take a limited number of people for Certification and Lifelong Mentoring.


If you prefer, please send a check to the address below. Your payment
will be receipted and we will call you to schedule your time and get started
OR send you the product you want. 

Make check payable to "Bob Vickers" and send to
400 West Acorn Street, Gardner, KS 66030

Brief calls/texts to Bob Vickers at (660) 580-0007.