Artful Askers helps thousands of faith-based and community organizations each year. We serve "Doers" (nonprofit organizations and churches) AND "Donors" (wealthy individuals, foundations, corporations, etc.)! 

We tell everyone EXACTLY the same thing--because the principles we teach do NOT change.. We teach people to be successful and learn well-enough that they can teach people to teach people. 

We schedule Research and Writing Time when we receive payment and prioritize everything so that there is NO overlap. You can pay online OR mail a check! 


To pay online, Click one of the active links below


If you prefer, please send a check to the address below. Your payment
will be receipted and we will call you to schedule your time. 

Make check payable to "Bob Vickers" and send to
400 West Acorn Street, Gardner, KS 66030

or mail Bob Vickers:

Brief calls/texts to Bob Vickers at (660) 580-0007. 

 Thank you for your support in serving the servants.


Bob Vickers and Artful Askers