Payments and Donations

Artful Askers helps thousands of faith-based and community organizations each year. 
Our monthly average is about 432 unduplicated "doers" (organizations) AND
about 56 "donors" EVERY SINGLE MONTH!

We tell everyone EXACTLY the same thing--because the Bible doesn't change
and everything we teach is Biblical--including the self-empowerment
(2 Timothy model of discipleship: Teaching people to teach people to teach people.)

We serve people who need help regardless of their ability to pay.
Once they attend a workshop OR watch the DVD, we charge nothing.
ALL are empowered to help themselves.
If someone can pay for the material, we ask them to pay.
But if they need the material and cannot pay, if they ask, we'll send it to them!

We cannot do it without help. We cannot do it without YOUR help!
Would you please consider helping us?

Click one of the links below

Product   Price
$10 to Cover Postage   $10.00
$50   $50.00
$75 Skill-Based Resume  
Orig.: $175.00
Sale: $75.00
$100   $100.00
$250   $250.00
$500 Workshop HOSTING Post-Book Date for Travel/Expenses for a Single Workshop   $500.00
$500   $500.00
$750   $750.00
Certification and Lifelong Mentoring  
Orig.: $5,000.00
Sale: $1,000.00
$1,250 Underwrite a Single Workshop   $1,250.00
$2,500 to Underwrite Two Workshops   $2,500.00
$4,000 for Back Cover of Workbook/Manual   $4,000.00
$5,000   $5,000.00
Associate Membership  
Orig.: $999.00
Sale: $795.00
Retainer and Host a Workshop  
Orig.: $4,000.00
Sale: $2,999.00

If you prefer, please send a check to the address below.
Your support will be receipted.

 Thank you for your support in serving the servants.


Bob Vickers and Artful Askers
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