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Post Covid19 update, education, response card

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I will help you do your letter, an second page if needed and a Response Card for your mailing for the $250. Additional work including hand addressing, mailing, etc., to be negotiated if needed. However, we encourage you to do your own with our guidance. Most of our Covid-19 appeals have generated between $3,000 and $12,000 within 45 days. 

You may request a FREE Guidelines and Sample of this by emailing and requesting it!

Consider this:

1) We encourage you to snail-mail by letter to up to 100 or 200 to start with. So, start an Excel file for a Mailing List with name, address, city, state and zip OR make a written list of the same. This letter will contain a cover letter, a Second Page Summary of Programs, etc., AND a quart- or third-page Response Card. Send it to people whom you know, have known and are vested in helping to help others, too (org's, individuals, schools, members, etc.). I suggest to 75% to individuals, 15% to businesses or corporations, 10% to churches or civic groups. Click HERE for a helpful guide to completing a Mailing List OR email Bob for the file in MSWord. 

EVERYTHING takes time! But good comes from the investment of time! 
Start with Bob’s $250 Year End/Covid Letter Appeal and out of the proceeds, consider engaging in the Proposal development or a Special Request for $500 (money generated out of the previous engagement), etc. Start with something less than $1,000 and let everything pay for itself!
Email for more information OR visit  Keep in mind, though. If you ask for them to consider helping you with referrals in a Year End/Covid Letter, you MUST be prepared sooner THAN later with your next document. And you need to have your Thank yous to engage ASAP!
Timing Considerations: 
1. Year-Ending Appeals: Best between mid-Oct. to end of Nov. and/or time with paydays when possible (1st & 15th and delivery day?).
2. Year-Beginning Appeals: Best between mid-Jan. to mid-Feb and/or time with paydays when possible (1st & 15th and deliver day?).
3. Special Project Appeals: Use when needed. Generally, aim for 3 days prior to end of a month. Don’t use words, “Capital Campaign” and be careful on wording and phrasing.
4. Proposals and Vision Documents:
--To individuals and/or through Board Member delivery: Can vary based on relationships BUT should be COMPLETE and thorough 3 or 4 pages MAX. Follow-Up and Follow-Through.
--To Foundations and Corporations: Check with websites and ALWAYS follow their guidance. Prepare beforehand and cut-and-paste into their form prior to submitting.

If you prefer, please send a check to the address below. Your payment
will be receipted and we will call you to schedule your time and get started
OR send you the product you want. 

Make check payable to "Bob Vickers" and send to
400 West Acorn Street, Gardner, KS 66030

Brief calls/texts to Bob Vickers at (660) 580-0007.