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Prepare Nonprofit Incorporation paperwork for online submission

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Want to incorporate as a Nonprofit Public Charity with the I.R.S.? Although the application is completed online, we will write your documents for the upload and prepare your packet prior to your submitting it to assure success. With a little help and information from you, we can get it ready to submit and be approved! We have helped with hundreds and NEVER had one rejected. We use templates and samples from previous work to make certain it is all congruent and ready.

Although we can prepare it and submit it within 3 weeks, most approvals take 2 to 3 months (or so) from the I.R.S. However, you start operating as a nonprofit public charity from the beginning as your approval is retroactive to the date of your State Incorporation filing. 

Please verify with Bob first. This does NOT apply for Hospitals, Schools, Private Operating Foundations and several other categories of nonprofits as they are MUCH more entailed. 

To get into the rotation of Writing and Research, go ahead and pay the fee--then email to get started.



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Brief calls/texts to Bob Vickers at (660) 580-0007.