R  espect and Honor:


Respect MUST be present for relationships to be meaningful.

No relationship can begin or exist without a presence and an increasing amount of respect. Respect, honor, and value in a relationship is essential for any relationship to be what God wants it to be OR for it to grow to what God wants it to grow to.

We must learn to treat all people with dignity, honor, and respect--NOT just wealthy people, or athletes, or musicians, or people that can give us what we want. . . ALL PEOPLE.

Various Applications. . . (same kind of thing on ALL of the explanations).






- - - - - - - - - - IMPORTANT REMINDER! - - - - - - - - -

Remember, this is only ONE of the important qualities and characteristics that must be present and growing for relationships to be successful. If you are strong in this area--GREAT! Remain strong and growing in it! Then, work on the other qualities and characteristics. They ALL must be present and growing in ALL relationships! How are you doing on all the others, too?

R  espect and Honor
E  xpressions of Encouragement
L  isten, Acknowledge and Consider Response
A  ppreciate and Affirm
T  rust In-Spite of and Through Brokenness
I  dentify and Build on Commonalities
O  rder In Place and Deliberate Actions
N  urturance and Understanding
S  elf-less Orientation
H  ope, Faith, and Pursuit of Consistency
I  ntegrity Journey
P  ardon, GRACE, and Mercy MUST Abound