III. The College of Entertainment 

Classes, Books, Videos, etc. offered in this College:

III-A. Movies
here. . .

III-B. Sports and Sporting Events
here. . .

III-C. Books and Publications
here. . .

III-D. Music
here. . .

III-E. Television
here. . .

III-F. Church
here. . .

III-G. Publishing Your Own Book
here. . .

III-H. Politics. . . 
See Bob Winford's stuff at www.bobwinford.com

III-I. Internship: _____

III-J. People Making a Difference
here. . .

III-K. Clean, Christian Comedy  Several to check out!
   1. Check out Dennis Swanberg at  www.dennisswanberg.com
   2. Check out Ken Davis at www.kendavis.com 

III-L. Art
     Bart Larson Link www.4seekers.com


This college is in development and will not be posted until Late Fall, 2007. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Entries will be posted as available. . .


Relationship University:
   I. College of Home, Marriage, Family-Building, and Parenting (Click HERE)
   II. College of Work, Workplace, and Community-Building (Click HERE)
   III. College of Entertainment (Click HERE)
   IV. College of Health, Wellness, and Medicine (Click HERE)
   V. College of Residual Income, Wealth, Wealth Creation, and Management  (Click HERE)
   VI. College of Organizations, Churches, and Nonprofits (Click HERE)
   VII. College of Encouragement, Theology, and Prayer (Click HERE)

ALL courses are designed to implement the R.E.L.A.T.I.O.N.S.H.I.P. acronym into each situation. To learn the imperative ingredients that must be present and growing in ANY meaningful relationship,  Click HERE.