IV. The College of Health and Medicine

Classes, Books, Videos, etc. offered in this College:

IV-A. Surviving the Death of a Loved One 
here. . .

IV-B. Surviving Divorce
here. . .

IV-C. Overcoming Depression
here. . .

IV-D. Overcoming Pain, Tragedy, and Other Brokenness
here. . .

IV-E. Diet and Exercise
here. . .

IV-F. Surviving Broken Dreams
here. . .

IV-G. Living with Perfectionism and Those that Have the Disease
Utilize book of same name by Dr. Richard P. Walters

IV-H. Insert
here. . .

IV-I. Internship: _____


Additional entries to this college made regularly. . .


Relationship University:
   I. College of Home, Marriage, Family-Building, and Parenting (Click HERE)
   II. College of Work, Workplace, and Community-Building (Click HERE)
   III. College of Entertainment (Click HERE)
   IV. College of Health, Wellness, and Medicine (Click HERE)
   V. College of Residual Income, Wealth, Wealth Creation, and Management  (Click HERE)
   VI. College of Organizations, Churches, and Nonprofits (Click HERE)
   VII. College of Encouragement, Theology, and Prayer (Click HERE)

ALL courses are designed to implement the R.E.L.A.T.I.O.N.S.H.I.P. acronym into each situation. To learn the imperative ingredients that must be present and growing in ANY meaningful relationship,  Click HERE.