VII. The College of Encouragement and Prayer

Classes, Books, Videos, etc. Offered in this College:

VII-A. The Proverbs According to Dr. Adrian Rogers
22 years of select quotes illustrative of his wit and wisdom. . . Click HERE.

VII-B. Encouraging Others–Developing the Gift and Art of Encouragement
Utilize encouragement manual, EncourageSent by Bob and Connie Vickers. Although this manual will eventually be available as a download, It is currently only available hard-copy for $20 by sending a check or money order:
     Bob Vickers
     P.O. Box 1225
     Warrensburg, MO 64093

VII-C. Forgiveness--“Me–Forgive WHO? BUT You Don’t Know What They Have Done To Me!” by Andrew F. Emerson. Request your FREE copies of this piece by sending an e-mail to and asking for this hard-copy OR download the FREE version by Clicking HERE!

VII-D. Blessing the People You Meet
Candy bars and color photographs coming soon as free downloads OR you can request FREE printed copies by sending an e-mail with your address to

VII-E.   PLEASE HELP to support widows and orphans. . . Although there are MANY worthy organizations doing worldwide orphan and widow relief efforts, there are some that are leveraging their resources to unbelievably impactful "events" of God-sized proportions! Check them out and please support them. . .
   1. Seeds of Hope Children's Ministry
 John Chalkias, Executive Director
       Sowing life, love and laughter

   2. Gospel Revival Ministries
       John Musser, President
       10/40 Window evangelization to the last and lost...
       (972) 230-4660 

   3. Mailbox Club
       404 Eager Rd
       Valdosta, GA 31602
       (229) 244-6812
The Mailbox Club is an exciting through-the-mail or hand-to-hand Bible correspondence course ministry for all ages. Our lessons are Christ-centered, true to the Bible and full of hope for your child or someone you believe would benefit from these wonderful teachings.

VII-F. Belief in a God You Can’t See
Although this piece is not yet available for a FREE download, you can order the booklet by Clicking HERE

VII-G. Giving it Forward and Sowing Life and Good Seed (in ways that you never dreamed or imagined)!
Robert Hollis is the "Dean" of Giving and/or Paying it Foward. See

VII-H. Operation Intercession Master Manual of Prayer Guide Implementation
Utilize manual and other pieces from The National Community Resource Center  to implement prayer strategies for students, police, military, President and political leaders, and MANY other categories. Compiled by Wendell Amstutz, Founder and President of The National Community Resource Center, this is a GREAT piece if you want to intercede or develop prayer strategies to radically effect the world. Call Wendell at (507) 281-8800. Learn more and see a select few of the prayer lists by visiting

VII-I. Internship: _____

VII-J. Operation Intercession: A 30-day Prayer Guide for Your Child (and Their Friends!) OR you can request FREE printed copies by sending an e-mail with your address to or downlaod a FREE version by Clicking HERE!

Dear Friend of Youth, Please take 5 seconds and write the name of your child(ren) on these lines. While you are at it, write the name of a couple of their friends OR other youth you know. . . Go ahead–take a few seconds PLEASE and do it now.
____________________     ____________________
____________________    ____________________

Now, take a good look at the names! If you wrote down four, according to national average:
• 1 or 2 of these students you see on this list will be sexually abused by age 18.
• 1 or 2 of them will experiment with drugs and most of them will use alcohol by graduation from High School.
• 1 or 2 of them will have been sexually active by graduation from High School.
• By age 5 or 6 most of them have already been exposed to pornography.
• 1 or 2 of them will have children and/or be sexually active out of wedlock by the time they are 18.

Would you please pray for the youth that you wrote down above daily by name and need? Yes, we are all busy but the bottom line is this: Our students need our prayers. If we don’t pray for our students who will? The odds are that about half of them will never have anyone pray for them this entire year if we don’t pray for them daily by name and need. How about dividing the names of your youth group and asking adults in your church to pray for them? Ask the members of your congregation to take 5 or 6 student names to pray for daily for the coming year.Someone said, "When we work hard, we get what we work for. BUT when we pray, God works." If you truly believe in the power of prayer, would you make the attached Operation Intercession Prayer Guide available to everyone in your congregation, youth through adult, and ask them to commit to pray for 5 or 6 students by name this coming year. Ask them to pray for their friends, neighbors, grandchildren, nieces and nephews–OR any other youth they know. Just PRAY! Use one of the prayer guides as a master copy for xeroxing–a little time is all it takes. Find someone to help you if needed. Ask a mother of a student! "Doesn’t God already know the names of each student, so why pray for them by name?" Yes, BUT using this sort of logic, why pray at all since God knows everything any way? Right? No. Prayer matters. We follow our Lord’s example of praying: specifically by name and by need. You can access a FREE version by Clicking HERE!

Thank you for your help in praying for the Youth of America. May God bless and reward our prayers and protect and prosper our children and youth of our land.

VII-K. Insert.  


Additional entries to this college made regularly. . .


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