Bob’s “Artful Askers’ NetworkMember Options for 2018-2019

It's easy to join! Simply pay online or contact Bob Vickers at (660) 580-0007 to discuss.
As an “Educator NOT a Consultant,”
I will graft everything to you as we cooperate and collaborate.

When you join the Network, you can expect the following benefits:

Associate Membership for Nonprofits, Churches, Businesses, Civic Groups, $795.
  • Membership Fee annual from initial payment for 25 hours of time focused on you/your need/your choice.
  • All access is welcome 24/7/365. Visits, Presentations and Assistance as needed.
  • Includes feedback and help with your letters, proposals, Thank Yous and other correspondence.
  • Calls, Skype, phone conferences or webinars. Coaching, Mentoring and idea development.
  • Help focused on you/your community with Community Impact and capacity-building.
  • Coaching and mentoring toward expansion of your community impact and ministry in your area.

Partner Membership for Nonprofits, Churches, Civic Groups, Government, Businesses, $1,500.
  • Intense help for you, your organization or church and your community.
  • Sponsorship mention on radio spots/interviews, phone conferences, calls, printed materials.
  • Up to 60 hours of work throughout 365-day Membership with Doers and Donors.
  • Coaching to help you set-up your Warehouse or help you to do your Project Connect in your community.
  • Help you acquire $90,000-plus of in-kind contributions--$60:1 leverage! Up to 60 hours of time.

Sponsor for Nonprofits, Churches, Civic Groups, Government, Businesses.
Price varies by Community Impact and capacity-building goals.
  • Business Networking and Internet ads and specific postings on
  • Signage at Seminar, Leadership and Membership Meetings.
  • Refer up to 3 groups for help with incorporation, grant-writing, material development, community
     impact, capacity-building, etc.

Also, check out the

“Artful Askers’ Network” Retainers, Coaching and Mentoring

Entry Level Retainer.  Research, Writing, Coaching. $599.
Includes Research, Writing in Edit Loops and covers 24-26 hours of mentoring and consulting!
--Artful Askers Workbook, CDs of templates and pages of leads of foundations, corporations, etc.
--Initial writing and draft of proposal for corporations, foundations, individuals, and/or churches.
--Includes 1-2 “edit loops” of revisions to get your document ready to submit and formatted onto
   computer. You must help with this! Includes 1.5-page cover letter, 1-page summary page,
   2- to 3-page proposal, 1-page budget and a couple of additional explanation pages.
--Research screening to select prospects. Several suggestions to submit and/or utilize.
--Coaching the process of correspondence including drafting as needed:
  • Proposal, the research, and assistance.                    • Suggestion of places to start.
  • Thank yous whether approved or rejected.                • The rejection/thank you anyway letter.
  • Revisions and modifications of your document.         • Follow-up/follow through help.
--The more you help, the longer the Retainer can be carried out to help you. Most work
   will be complete within 3 to 5 weeks BUT hours are carried out as long as they last.

Nonprofit Incorporation Assistance.  Starting at $500.
--Includes writing, coaching and assistance to help you start your nonprofit! Covers 22 hours.
 • Writing, mentoring, educating and consulting! Name to use, an Incorporator/Incorporating Board.
 • Help to get Employer Identification Number (2 to 3 pgs) and development of Bylaws (8 to 10 pgs).
 • Assistance developing your 12 to 15 core purpose and mission statements (1 page).
 • Coaching/Assistance to file Articles (IRS-adequate language) with State (4 to 5 pgs, $30).
 • Development of your organizational Bylaws (8 to 10 pgs).
 • Completing the IRS application and explaining necessary statements (25 to 30 pgs).
 • The faster you help with information needed, the faster the document can be filed with IRS.
Once filed, your nonprofit status is “in process” with the average wait of 3-5 months for approval.
Approvals as fast as 1 month. Most work will be completed within 3 to 5 weeks but hours
are carried out as long as they last. 90% of all new nonprofits will be included in this package.
However, some incorporations require substantially more work and costs more such as churches
(add $200), hospitals, universities, schools and daycares, umbrella 501(c)(3)s, Within 409s, 508s
and others. Talk to Bob for more information or with questions. (You will also need to include a
check to the IRS for $450 or $850.)

Full Retainer.  $1,999. Research and Writing in Edit Loops covers 80 to 86 hours of writing,
   mentoring and consulting! Includes: MANY MORE hours reserved and scheduled.

Combo--Retainer & Workshop.  Research, Write, Coach PLUS Workshop on your site. $3,000.
   You keep Registration proceeds! One-day Artful Askers Workshop and 80 to 86 hours
   of writing, mentoring and consulting! MORE hours reserved, scheduled and available if needed.

Helping You to Set-Up a Community Impact Warehouse OR a Project Connect.
   Price depends upon work desired--free to Partner/Sponsor.


Everything can be paid through
acknowledged by Bob usually within 24 hours.

If you prefer to mail a check, please pay to the order of “Bob Vickers.”
mail to Bob at 400 West Acorn Street, Gardner, KS  66030
OR pay through PayPal.
E-mail Bob with questions:  



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Interested? Contact or call Bob at (660) 580-0007, private cell or brief texts