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Resume-Maker's Guide and CD (Includes 70 GREAT Sample Resumes!)

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Cut-and-Paste a Winning Resume for You or Someone Else Within Minutes!

Are you:

  • Looking for a job?
  • Wanting to change careers?
  • Desiring to network into a different, more fulfilling situation?
  • Submitting a grant proposal for a salaried position and want to submit a winning resume that will impress a funder?
  • Wanting to walk away from a disappointing job and create a position utilizing your spiritual gifts, talents, skills and abilities?

Then this book is for you!

The resource contains sample cover letters, sample Thank You letters, guidelines for various types of resumes, formats and templates BUT with information empowering you to build a unique resume in minutes!

Two-thirds of the effectiveness of a resume is content--the other one-third is format. This resource helps you to increase the effectiveness of your resume IN BOTH AREAS in order to get the interview and job your desire! (Or help someone else get theirs!)