Serving on a Board of Directors—What kind of a Board?
There are several types of Boards.
1.Advisory Board. There is no legal responsibilities for an Advisory Board. However, an Advisory Board allows a Donor or Funder to assume that there are people who help you and “speak into” your organization to make it better. Donors love to see that you seek help from others. They will often scrutinize these lists to see if you have business-people, spiritual advisors, educators or other donors in your list. You ay start with an Advisory Board before you incorporate to have good guidance and wisdom. I suggest that you have a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 7 in your list of Advisory Board Members. You can list them like this:
Advisory Board                               Occupation                       City, State         
     The Honorable John Ashcroft       U. S. Senator                       Washington, D.C.
     Judge Judy                                     Circuit Court Judge             Redlands, CA
     Dr. Allison Glenne                         High School Principal        Blue Springs, MO
     Rev. Bob Vickers                           Pastor                                  Gardner, KS
     Mr. Matt Hodkins                           Author                                Phoenix, AZ
     Ms. Lexie Fae Burford                   Publisher                             Leawood, KS (Kansas City)
After asking someone to be on your Advisory Board, you should always keep them posted on your progress, needs, etc. You always want to share copies of brochures, fliers, DRAFTS of proposals, etc., with them to keep them informed.
2.Incorporating Board of Directors: When you initially incorporate your organization, you will need to have 3 to 5 people to serve as your initial incorporating Board. The Incorporator is you. You are the primary individual who is setting up the nonprofit and will be responsible for the organization over the longer period of time. This is the ONE person to fill everything out as the Incorporator and you will need a minimum of 2 additional people who sign your initial documents when needed. You need their name, address, City, State and zip, and a quarter-page bio for each person. Your Incorporating Board will be you plus a minimum of 2 others. There must be a minimum of 3 people filling 4 offices—The President cannot also be Secretary. Use YOUR LEGAL NAME and a permanent address when filling out ALL documents. You will list these on documents with name, title and address:
Incorporating Board, Occupation, City, State, zip code 
1. Mr. Robert J. Vickers, Incorporator, President, CEO, 813 West Acorn Street, Gardner, KS  66030
2. Mrs. Connie S. Vickers, Board Vice-President, 2801 West Cherokee Street, Gardner, KS  66030
3. Mr. Andrew Emerson, Board Treasurer, 2100 Northwest Noland Road, Independence, MO   64015
4. Mrs. Allison Lindhardt, Board Secretary, 408 West Main Street, Edgerton, KS   66021

3.Board of Directors: This is the legal Fiduciary Board that is legally responsible for the decisions and actions of your organization. Serving on a Board of Directors is a very important and rewarding position but does require knowledge and understanding. It is not just an honorary position—there are legal implications and responsibilities and each Board Member should be made aware of these things before and during serving on a Board. The following is a few Ideas and Suggestions of important pieces of information you should share with someone contemplating serving on a Board. I recommend that you set in your Bylaws to have no fewer than 3 nor more than 13 BUT the best size is an odd number—either 5, 7 or 9, in my opinion. You should list your Board Members:
Board Members:
     Mr. Robert J. Vickers, President and CEO                 Mrs. Allison Lindhardt, Retired V.P.
     Artful Askers                                                               Southwestern Bell
     Board President                                                          Board Secretary
     813 West Acorn Street                                                408 West Main Street
     Gardner, KS   66030                                                   Edgerton, KS   66021
          (913) 747-6390                                                          (913) 747-6390
     Mr. Benjamin James, President                                 Mrs. Audrey Briande, Attorney and CPA
     Ghost Writers of America                                           Jones and Jones and Jones and Fitch
     P.O. Box 1225                                                            707 SW 10th Street
     Warrensburg, MO   64093                                          Ozark, MO   65721
          (660) 747-6390                                                          (417) 605-6390
     Mr. Andrew Emerson, Executive Vice President        Mrs. Connie S. Vickers, Admin. Assistant
     DOW Chemical                                                           Vickers Household
     Board Treasurer                                                          Board Vice-President
     2100 Northwest Noland Road                                     2801 West Cherokee Street
     Independence, MO   64015                                        Gardner, KS   66030
          (816) 747-6390                                                          (913) 747-6390 
     Mr. Lars Annear Lindhardt, Chief Cook
     27321 Southwest Expressway
     Olathe, KS   66062
          (913) 747-6390