Do you have more than two from the same organization that want to attend (staff, volunteer or Board Member)?
     --Because knowledge is exponential and everyone will gain a bit different from the workshop.
     --Because the teaching follows the individual.
     --Because every attendee receives $25 actual out-of-pocket costs of materials.
     --Because once you [ay to attend a workshop, you never pay again.

I try to be fair in how I price the workshop. I guarantee you that if you bring someone with you, you will both learn MUCH MORE! Two are better than one; three re better than two and so on. . .
     1st person pays $75.
     2nd person from same organization pays $75, also.
     Each person thereafter from the same organization only pay $25 each person.
     For example, 4 people from the same organization would only be $200.

To Register a group, please pay in advance BY registering online for the correct amount OR sending a check at least 5 days in advance of the workshop. However, if paying cash or check at the door, please have exact change or make the check out for the correct amount and let us know you are coming! Thank you!

Questions? E-mail Bob@ArtfulAskers.com.