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As astonishing as it sounds, in 5 minutes you can have your own website for your organization, church, ministry, business, and/or family LIVE on the world wide web! The amazing technology empowers you to quickly and easily build and maintain your own professional website, complete with e-mail addresses, pictures, newsletters, links, shopping cart, and much, much more in just a few short minutes. AND BEST OF ALL, it empowers YOU to be your own webmaster. YOU can modify, change, or rebuild as YOU want to express YOUR vision, YOUR MINISTRY, and/or YOUR business!

The secret to this earth shattering technology is an incredibly powerful, yet simple software interface which helps you to get a web presence and empowers you to maintain it VERY efficiently and effectively. Please don't overlook this incredible opportunity. You have nothing to lose.

Do You Have an Internet Presence?
Would You Like to be Visible to 650 Million Poeple Around the World--NOW?

Ask yourself these questions:
Would you like to make immediate changes to your site yourself?
Do you want to be your own webmaster and be in control of your own website?
Do you have something in mind for your own website BUT find it difficult to communicate it to a webmaster for construction?
   4. Would you like to be hosted by a GREAT Christian company?

If you answerred "maybe" OR "yes" to any of the questions--take 5 minutes and try it out!

Click Here! (UPC) exists to empower every nonprofit to share their vision with the world via the technology of the World Wide Web.

Our vision is that every nonprofit in the world would have a website. . .:
   • sharing the vision of their work.
   • sharing the need for colaborers with them in their work.
   • show the world that you utilize technology to reach the world!
   • keep your donors and supporters aware of the work you do up-to-date!
   • allowing them to share their vision with supporters.
   • inviting supporters to purchase materials, donate to support your work, and so much more!

If you don't have a website, many funders and supporters will not even consider supporting you--they know what the future holds with the technology.

UPC believes that to whom much is given much is required.
UPC believes in giving it forward and we will do so until people understand that simple Biblical principle.
UPC believes in empowering people to empower people to empower people. . .

Please take a couple of minutes to build a website live to 650 Million people world wide.
   • FREE live 10 day trial
   • Edit in minutes from any computer - (No webmaster need)
   • “So simple and easy even an adult can do it”
   • Best online website builder guaranteed
   • 500 pages, unlimited bandwidth, 50MB
   • ANYTHING that can be done on ANY website--You can do yourself with YOUR website!

Some of the amenities you receive:
     1. 500 template Home Pages to choose from--you can still import the electronic photos you want.
     2. up to 500 pages per site
     3. easy to navigate word-processing and editing
     4. import your own pictures
     5. a toll-free Help number

Try it today!
   • Low cost and immediate access on-line!
   • Be your own webmaster–create/tweak your website and build your personality into it!
   • Build your own website and be your own webmaster–make your own changes!

Should you decide to utilize this technology, THE MOST YOU WILL PAY is $17 per month hosting fee! Start today and TRY IT OUT!

By the way, the correlation of building a website AND writing grant proposals is amazing. Some similarities:

  1. Your site MUST be convincing, compelling and concise. According to research, you have about 4 seconds of a look at a page. It MUST be inviting, engaging, and pleasant to read.
  2. It MUST not contain typos or incomplete/incorrect sentences (one of the beautiful things about this technology is that YOU can go in and make changes YOURSELF! Or call me and I'll help you!).
  3. You MUST "record your vision, inscribe it into tablets so you may share" it with others! Think about the "TABS" you want. Most commoly, you would have: a HOME PAGE (contains Mission and Vision statements, brief information and paragraphs from your cover letter, and contact information--at bottom of every page), an OVERVIEW (contains your Summary Page Info), OUR PLAN (contains your strategic plan, problem, solution, etc), a STAFF/CONTACT US (short biographical sketches of staff and detailed contact information), a RESOURCES/LINKS page referring people to preferred sites, BOARD and LEADERSHIP page, FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS page, OUR NEEDS. . . page, DONATE page (set-up PayPal account FREE through your website!), YOUR OWN WEBSITE page (so people can sign up through YOUR site and YOU get the residual income!), and set-up any other page that YOU decide to add!
  4. Be careful not to emphasize too much NOR change back-and-forth with color fonts or font sizes. Be creative BUT be careful.
  5. Most importantly, focus you attention on the effect of what you do on the people whom you serve.


It is essential for the future--why not start NOW!? 

UPC Websites Non Profit $17/Month UPC Websites Non Profit $17/Month

Build your own site in 5 minutes RIGHT NOW!
(If I can do it so can you!)

Build your own 10-day FREE trial site and run it LIVE on the world-wide web while you see how easy, fun, rewarding, and simple it is! This is the second step.


Remember, 3 EASY steps:

1. Go to and sign up!

2. Build a FREE 10-Day Trial Site and try it out!

3. Arrange to keep your site by paying no more than $17 per month.

If you have questions, need help, or are having trouble, please call.

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