Need a product BUT don't have enough money?


If you need a product and cannot afford it, we will help you access the information ANYWAY.

We ask that you make your request in writing via a letter and send whatever amount of money you can--at least $5 per CD, book, or other product piece to cover postage and we will make every reasonable effort to provide the information to you anyway--FREE. We cannot do this for MANY products (ie., one of EACH CD, 5 workbooks, etc) so be very specific and request only that which you need to start. We believe what we teach--money is NOT the problem--money is NOT the solution.

This aspect of our ministry is made possible by people who contribute financially for this reason in helping ministries to help themselves! If you want to make a contribution to our ministry to make available FREE products, it would be greatly appreciated.Please send a tax-deductible check/gift to the address below.

Bob Vickers and Artful Askers
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