Relationship University


A One-Stop Shop for ALL Types of Relationships!

Congratulations! You found us! YOU believe relationships are important and worth working on. We do, too. We are glad you found our site. We are here for you. Our entire existence is to empower the building of capacity and sustainability into ALL types of relationships utilizing the internet as-much-as-possible and re-directing and re-focusing energy into productive resolve. 

Although we are currently in development, our supporters and contributors have spent their entire lives in relational-building of various types and have committed to be "open" for the business of serving the servants through continuing education and empowering relational change!

Relationship University exists to empower individuals to be successful in all types of relationships. . . Mrriage, parenting, Boards of Directors, funding, and so much more. Everything about our life and world is relational and yet few people really empower others to move from lives of dependency to lives of self-sufficiency. That is precisely why we started Relationship University. Our school is made up of 7 smaller units called “Colleges.” Each college is led by a Dean who develops or acquires relevant and important materials to be made available to our "students." All self-motivated, self-paced study can be completed with either free downloads, by purchasing the printed or recorded material, or by another medium as is available. We hope you find our e-university empowering!

Relationship University:
   I. College of Home, Marriage, Family-Building, and Parenting (Click HERE)
   II. College of Work, Workplace, and Community-Building (Click HERE)
   III. College of Entertainment (Click HERE)
   IV. College of Health, Wellness, and Medicine (Click HERE)
   V. College of Residual Income, Wealth, Wealth Creation, and Management  (Click HERE)
   VI. College of Organizations, Churches, and Nonprofits (Click HERE)
   VII. College of Encouragement, Theology, and Prayer (Click HERE)

ALL courses are designed to implement the R.E.L.A.T.I.O.N.S.H.I.P. acronym into each situation. To learn the imperative ingredients that must be present and growing in ANY meaningful relationship,  Click HERE