The 2011 Resource CD
contains the following electronic files. . .

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1. 1023 Explanations Bobs Sample Youth Home, Inc.
2. Articles of Incorp. Bobs Sample Youth Home, Inc.
3. Bylaws Bobs Sample Youth Home, Inc.
4. Sample 1023 and checklists
5. Advanced Writing Training
6. Advanced Writing Training Power Point
7. All About Me Cover
8. All About Me Book Insert
9. Chapter on Building Relationships With Donors
10. Definitions for Key Words in Industry

11. Encouragement Version 2 Guide and copyright release
12. Encouragement Samples (99 postcards!)
13. Gleaner Document
14. Grant Writing Basics
15. Homeless Awareness Presentation--Building Community
16. Homelessness Poster
17. Labels for Candy Bar in MS Word
18. Letter of Endorsement Guide and Sample
19. Matched Givers List
20. Page 47 in Artful Askers Workbook

21. Research Explanation--What do they mean when they say?
22. County Resource Directory Bobs SAMPLE 2011
23. Resume Worksheet for Homeless Day
24. Resume Worksheet with Choices
25. Shell Template Proposal
26. Shell Template Resume skill-based
27. Skill Based Resume Guide w/ cover letters/instructions/etc.
28. ”Thank you anyway” letter #1
29. ”Thank you anyway” letter #2
30. Artful Askers Workshop Flier Sample March 2011