Do you need new ways for your nonprofit or church to fund your vision OR
would you like to learn to access FREE resources
and meet needs in your community?  If so, GREAT news:


Come to the Chattanooga, TN
Artful Askers Workshop

on Thursday, August 6, 2020
Hosted by Friends House Ministries

Providing technical assistance for capacity building,
fund development, and building relationships with
following a proven model.

You are invited to a workshop that will equip and
empower you to meet needs in your community. . .

A workshop to EMPOWER youwith knowledge!

on Thursday, August 6
9:00 am to 1::00 pm

(free Coaching and help following until 4:00 pm if you want to stay)


The workshop will be held at:

City Church of Chattanooga in the Student Center
 7122 Lee Highway
Chattanooga, TN 


Questions? Call Bro. John Ledford (423) 595-5499  
or Monty Reeves (423) 488-5018  


Cost is $75 per person

To Pre-Register, call one of the Hosts: 
OR pay NOW, 
Click HERE.

Previous Artful Askers Workshop attendees are FREE
(but bring your own materials and please let us know you are coming.)
For groups of 4 or more from the same organization,
please e-mail for group rate (or click HERE).

The cost includes a 75-page workbook, many pages of research and leads,
templates, samples of proposals and resumes, snacks (total retail value of $200 worth).
Pre-Registration is required--limited seats available.

To Pre-Register and Pay NOW, Click HERE.

The schedule:
     8:30 am    Doors open (bring brochures and business cards to share!)
     9:00 am    Workshop starts
     11:00 am   break 
     11:15 am   Workshop starts again
     1:15 pm    Workshop ends (But bring your own lunch if you want to stay!)
     1:30 until 4:00 pm   FREE Small group coaching, Advising, Helping, Idea Development
1. To pay using PayPal with a credit card or e-check, Click HERE. No credit cards accepted at the workshop.

2. To pay by check/money order, please call one of the Hosts for directions.

3. Walk-ups that morning (paying check/cash only) will be allowed as space/materials permit. If you plan to come and pay at the door, please let us know because limited seating exists.

Please help promote this workshop to friends and colleagues in the surrounding area BY forwarding this info. Fr a pdf flier by email, please contact  

MANY research and resource materials will be distributed FREE at the workshop. Some support items will be offered "for sale" but NO "hard sell" will take place!

About Bob Vickers: Bob Vickers is nationally known for his relationship-building, grant writing, and fund development skills and materials. Author of more than 42 books and training manuals, he has taught nonprofits and churches to access free items, grant support, and hundreds of millions of dollars of in-kind resources. Working with many community nonprofits, faith organizations, Chambers of Commerce, United Way-type agencies, and various denominations, he has led workshops for wealthy benefactors and individuals, foundations, funding agencies, initiatives from The White House, DOL, HHS,HUD,  SAMHSA, more than 72 Governors offices, numerous churches and more. . .

As Founder/President of Artful Askers, he has more than 3 decades of philanthropic development, church and nonprofit expertise. As an educator, he empowers people with knowledge and expertise they need to engage with corporations, foundations, and other philanthropists by cooperating and collaborating to build community and engage themselves rather than hiring consultants! Bob has taught 34,000 doers, nonprofits, and churches how to develop receiving relationships and has taught more than 3,400 donors and givers to engage in the same process giving.

Bob is an educator. NOT a consultant! You. Will. Learn!


Past attendee comments: "I've been to a lot of these workshops BUT this is VERY different!" "I'm leaving here today KNOWING what is 'my part to do' so that God will do His part!" "This is truly an eye-opening experience!" "This day is worth more than the $10,000 that I paid my last consultant--and now I KNOW what I didn't know before!" Consultants say: "After studying the materials and presentation, it is our opinion that the average organization would pay a consultant about $5,380 to get what people are taught to do for themselves in this one-day workshop."

Who should attend and how will they benefit?
Board members, Staff, Volunteers, Executive Directors, ministry leaders or leadership team members of any nonprofit (faith based or community) will derive great benefit from this training as anyobne affiliated with a church. The workshop teaches techniques that help ministers, missions, congregations, faith/community-based nonprofits establish relationships with potential funders, develop positive grant writing skills, and build lasting relationships with funding partners. Over the past 19 years Artful Askers founder and President Bob Vickers, a trained and educated social scientist, has taught 34,000 ministry and community leaders this process. He has also taught more than 3,400 donors the same process. For more information about the process, go to

Important additional information:
o You will be empowered to DO this process yourself, NO need for consultants!
o After workshop coaching is available at no charge to coach and encourage you.
o The workshop, workbook and presentation provide fundamentals for those new to the grant writing and fundraising process, as well as advanced information for those already experienced in grant writing.
o Information will be provided to help you access FREE stuff through gleaners. Free Website Builder, access to food, computers, clothing, etc.
o You will learn to leverage resources and get MORE with what you have—leverage $10,000 to get the value of $50,000.
o We will empower you with leads to funding and other resources.

What primary concepts will be taught?
Billions of dollars are changing hands now through individuals, foundations, corporate-giving programs, churches, and the state and federal government. There is money for ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING you can imagine if you follow simple principles like being other-oriented and clearly communicating who you are and what you do—especially in writing. The Artful Askers Workshop is designed to answer common questions and help people know how to engage in relationships to support what they have been called to do, how to share their vision, and how to make an “artful” ask. You must be ready to receive; have By-Laws, Articles, and nonprofit status in order; be tracking volunteer hours, leveraging, gleaning, and more. Then, follow the process!

The three workshop (process) components are:
1) A convincing, compelling, and concise vision that is “other-oriented” and written in a professional format. You will be taught how to create and present this with a 1-1/2 page cover letter that includes a statement of the problem as well as your mission, vision and strategic plan to address the problem.

2) How to research and where to find individuals, corporations and foundations in your area of interest. You will also learn to whom you should make your “ask”, timing, what to ask for, etc.

3) Developing the relationship whether it starts with an approval OR rejection. Ten lepers got what they wanted and had their full grants approved but only one returned to show sufficient appreciation and engage in a relationship. The widow gave MUCH by her standards but not much compared to others—can you appreciate the small gifts as much as the large? What about when you are rejected—can you still be appreciative of their consideration?

Bob Vickers and Artful Askers believe and teach that you already have enough contacts with first or second-generation relationships, geographic relationships, and/or field of interest relationships to fund every need in your community. BUT YOU must BE and DO YOUR part by being a good steward and yielding, so that He can accomplish through you what you cannot even dream of but He wants to do. The KEY is stewardship of ALL relationships. You will leave this workshop EQUIPPED AND EMPOWERED to engage in the entire process of building relationships with funders and will be able to help yourself without dependency on consultants!

Learn more at "Connecting a cheerful giver and a grateful recipient by an 'artful' ask."