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Articles of Interest:
A. "What Does 'No' REALLY Mean?"   Click HERE  
B. "Building Relationships With Foundations?"   Click HERE  
C. Gifts in Kind Information   Click HERE  

D. Technical Exchange for Christian Healthcare Information   Click HERE  
E. YOUR Own FREE Website and Potential Residual Income   Click HERE  
F. Corporations Matching Employee Donations (one of many lists!)   Click HERE   

G. The Power of a Thank You   Click HERE
H. Capital Campaigns, Builders, Architects, and Funding Alternatives   Click HERE  
I. Disaster Relief Alliances   Click HERE  

J. Christian Community Foundations   Click HERE  
K. Continuing Education    Click HERE 
L. Financial Planning and Stewardship   Click HERE  

M. Manuals for Meeting Needs in Your Community   Click HERE  
N. Nonprofits, Charities, and Churches--Why Have a 501 (c)(3)?   Click HERE 
O. Random Acts of Kindness to Spread in Your Community! (Ideas)  Click HERE  

P. Researching Potential Funders   Click HERE  
Q. Resumes and Job Search Improvement Resumes for Servants (and those they serve)   Click HERE     
R. Relationship University   Click HERE  

S. Residual Income Opportunities by Design   Click HERE 
T. State and Federal Contact Lists   Click HERE  
U. Technical Help and Definitions for Internet Searches   Click HERE  

V. Travel (and Saving Money)   Click HERE